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This is a fan fiction recommendation journal. New recs will be posted individually and added to the themed recommendation lists.
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At present the fandoms include:
The Professionals (very occasionally updated)
Nearly all Bodie/Doyle with an occasional gen story
Also there is The Professionals Information and Resources listing
Tag pros rec will give you the latest recs.

Stargate SG-1 (no longer updated)
A mix of slash (mainly Jack/Daniel), Gen team and occasional het pairings such as Daniel/Sha're or Daniel/Vala.

The X-Files (seldom updated)
Mainly Mulder/Krycek with a few Mulder-focused gen or other.
Tag x-files rec will give you the latest recs.

Heroes (no longer updated)
Nearly all Mohinder/Sylar (Mylar)

Ultraviolet (TV) (no longer updated, I don't think anything further has been written for it, sadly :-()
Anything and everything I could find of this small fandom, both fan fiction and resources. Ultraviolet (the TV show) was an amazing 6 hours of TV. The most intriguing take on modern day Vampires I've seen.

Sherlock Part 1  Part 2
Both John/Sherlock slash and friendship fics with an occasional appearance of some that fit neither description, because I can. :-)
Tag sherlock rec will give you the latest recs.

The Hobbit (2012)
Slash and gen/friendship. These will be very Bilbo, often with Thorin, focused but not exclusively as I like all the characters.
Tag the hobbit rec will give you the latest recs

I've fallen for some glorious AU Merlin stories (Merlin/Arthur) and here are my favourites.
Tag merlin rec will give you the latest recs

The Chronicles of Narnia
Anything that grabs my interest. :-)
Tag narnia rec will give you the latest recs

Dr Who
Anything that grabs my interests, but likely to be centred on the Doctors from 2005 onwards.
Tag Dr Who rec will give you the latest recs

Original Fic
From time to time I read non fandom, original fiction. These are the ones I've loved. No list at present.
Tag orginal fic rec will give you the latest recs,

Can I rec you a Sherlock fic?

Date: 2013-01-01 03:37 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hello, my name is Tristripe (you can find be by that name of AO3,, and LJ) and I am a fan of your Sherlock recs! You have amazing taste, and I love how organized your recs are.

I don't know if you are open to this, but I believe that you just might enjoy the Wee Doctor series by americanjedi ( The plot might sound a bit silly, but there is nothing silly about it. Americanjedi's description:

"John Watson was ripped from his life and thrown back into a London where he's never existed, in the body of an eight year old child. In the struggle to get back his place in the world he becomes part of the lives of homeless children, street kings and a man like him. But what will he be in the life of the singular Sherlock Holmes?"

I cannot express how amazing this story is. John is as BAMF as can be in his situation. There is action, blood and violence, and plenty of angst. There are also some amazing original characters that compliment how awesome Dr. John Watson really is(this coming from someone who avoids fics with OCs).

I hope you consider giving this amazing story a chance. I really feel it deserves to be recommended on your journal (plus I believe it will give you a good couple of hours of a pleasing read as it did for me).

If you wish to contact me (you don't need to) my email is I would have sent you this message through LJ but I'm having trouble accessing the site for some reason.

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