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This is Our Happy Ending by LittleDarkling Sylar always finds him. Dark and delicious,. 
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Knocking on the Wrong Door by starrdust411 Written for the prompt Friend in Need. Nicely done and fluffy in a Mylarly way.
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What I've Got is Mine by ilcuoreardendo Just a snippet. A hark back to the good old days of Mylar with a manipulative Sylar.
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This broken jaw of our lost kingdom by stage longsama Adam Monroe lets out the virus. Across the country in New York City, Mohinder Suresh finds himself locked in quarantine with Maya, Molly, and a powerless Sylar. [Alternate reality, branching off from S2's finale.] Fascinating and rewarding read.
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Break by Lady Vader My enemies enemy is my friend. Dark, twisted and delicious. :-)
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Arabian Nights by starrdust411 The story of a prince, a watchmaker, and the magical lamp that changed their lives. Another great Disney inspired Mylar by starrdust411. I'm really enjoying them.
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Ties by gaiafaye Matt's mental manipulation of Sylar only holds up for so long. "That's not up to you," Sylar promises, and then he whispers, his voice affectionate and assuring and horrible, "You will be so perfect once I fix you." Intense interaction between a powerful newly restored Sylar and a confused, angry and snarky Mohinder fighting Sylar's convictions that the two are them are connected and destined to be together.
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The Geneticist and the Frog by Starrdust411 When the Prince kissed the Frog the real story began. Delightful Mylar focused rendering of the Princess and the Frog fairy story. The canon characters are used really well.


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