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Heroes Fan Fiction - Mohinder/Sylar

The best place for Mylar fic is the LJ community mylar_fic (the nominations for the for the 2008 Mylar fic Awards are here and the winners are here. An archive does exist for all Heroes fanfic Are you on the list?, but is not very well used at present. A few people post at and An Archive of Our Own has a number, however most posting is on LJ. Below are some of my favourite stories.

Stories are listed in themes. Check with Recent Entries for latest updates.

Themes: AU-non canon, Angst. Company focused, Crossover, Death fic, Drama, 'Five Years Gone' based, Future AU, Gabriel, Hatitinisation, Humour, Mind fuck!, Missing Scene, Obsessed/Dark Sylar, PWP aka Hot and Sexy, Relationship focused, Shape shifting powers, Sylar as Nathan, Time travel

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