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At The Hour When We Are Trembling by  frostfire17 SG1/SGA crossover Daniel/John Post S2/S9 apocafic. The Wraith make it to Earth, and John and Daniel are left to pick up the pieces. A long plot filled fascinating story that focuses on John and Daniel's survival in a decimated world along with a loyal and slow growing team of military and scientist who are determined to make a difference. The story is seen from John's pov and reflects upon his colleagues left behind and his observations of one Daniel Jackson. It's bleak and dark but there is also humour and wonderful characterisation. A rewarding read.
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The Saga of Anubis (Or, how Daniel Jackson is Followed by a Kitten) by Lady Lade The kitten stares at him. Daniel stares back. Either Daniel’s hallucinating, or he’s got a Goa’uld kitten in his bathroom. Crackfic at its nuttiest. :-)
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The Road to Follow by Anne Stranded in the AU Ba'al created by manipulating the timeline, Daniel Jackson finds himself recruited back to the SGC by one General Jack O'Neill - will they overcome their trust issues and find a way to work together? It's a long way for both men until a new bond of friendship and maybe more can be built. And then SG-1 is finally re-united to fix the timeline... but Ba'al is prepared on all levels.... A long and intriguing AU set in Continuum, it twists and turns all over the place and while never pressing the reset button manages to convince and provide some comfort.
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The Only Winning Move by Synecdochic At 0955, after reading the instructions in their second envelopes, the two SFs guarding the door to Isolation Room 2 looked at each other. "We're gonna get shot," Brooks said. Funny and clever. :-)
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The Cat Came Back by thothmes This hilarious send-up of Ascension began as commentfic from Thothmes and was expanded by Beth in The Cat Came Back Again. Take typical cat traits and add Ascended Daniel to the mix, and you get... well, this! And read the comments on the second story to get a highly amusing epilogue to the series.
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Lost Time by Spillingvelvet It's all fun and games until someone puts on an alien gadget. A highly enjoyable Daniel/Cam interaction with rather clever use of time. I love Cam's tricks and I enjoyed the general team interaction particularly with Vala's quirky antics.
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Tarantella by gooligan A horror story and a team story despite the fact that Daniel is split from the other three and all of them are on a very scary and inhospitable planet. Well written and full of suspense.
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It's a Kirk and Spock Thing by Lokei Spock: Where would you estimate we belong, Miss Keeler? Edith Keeler: You? At his side, as if you've always been there and always will. Delightful fic with wonderful interaction between Jack and the Daniels who are written so insightfully and in character. The banter is fun and Sam and Teal'c add to the general all good feeling the fic creates.
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From Another Planet by muck a luck Jack and Daniel are ready to move farther in their relationship. If only the aliens would leave them alone. Very amusing and sexy fic. I didn't stop grinning throughout.
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For Every Action by tresa cho Jack and Daniel go not-quite-undercover to monitor some goings-on outside the mountain. What they discover about themselves will change everything. The author calls this a 'shameless romp in fandom'. SG-1 at a Wormhole Extreme con with Jack and Daniel, off course, getting into mischief. :-)
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Rearranging Fate by Redbyrd Charlie Kawalsky and Samantha Carter are astonished at the differences they find in this perfect alternate reality where their friends are alive and the Goa'uld attack has been averted. After they return home, they are faced with the enormous task of rebuilding Earth's failed defenses and they know they need to make some changes. Number one on their list..recruit Daniel Jackson... Dr. Daniel Jackson is kind of annoyed. The first real archeological job he's had in three years, and it's shut down due alien attack?! But worrying about his academic reputation seems kind of petty in the face of the magnitude of this disaster. When he gets the message that the US military is looking for him, he figures it has to be mistaken identity. After all, why on earth would they be interested in him? A really interesting story about the alternate SGC that Sam Carter and Charlie Kawalsky came from seen initially through Kawalsky's pov. I love the way Redbyrd 'rebuilds' SG-1 and the clever way she allows us to compare it with the original.
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This is an old fic of Green Grrl's, but it's the first time I've read it so...
Quest by green grrl Prompt: Princesses (or princes) that don't want to be rescued from the dragon, thank you very much, and rescuers that say 'okay, in that case, do you mind if I stay? Delightful and warmly funny. :-)


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