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The Long Way Home by princessofg Doctor Jackson Goes to Washington A long, slow 'coming home' for Daniel. Beautiful writing, clever and witty dialogue. A real treat for J/D fans.
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T is for Time by wishfulaces Never did they realize that really, he was all the same person. The Team plus several Doctors, just delightful!
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Ambrosius by Cleo the Muse Merlin may be gone, but some of his memories remain. As Daniel struggles to sort through visions of the Ancient's past, the team takes a mission to a peaceful-looking world with a very dangerous secret. Enjoyable and intriguing fic with a Season 9 team, yep Vala, and dragons. :-)
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My Stargate SG-1 fic recommendations

Contains slash, mainly J/D (assume a story is J/D unless otherwise stated), ship/het, mainly Daniel/Share or Daniel/Vala and gen where there are no sexual relationships or if they are they are so peripheral to the story they hardly count. I've been gathering these stories since I first became interested in Stargate SG-1 so they cover all seasons as well as the films.

Themes: AU, Aliens made us do it, Android SG-1 inspired stories, Character study, Crossovers, Daniel focused, Daniel/Cameron, Daniel as Ninja, Dark fic/Apocafic, Death fic, Five..., Friendship fic, Genderfuckery, Goaulded member of SG-1, Het/Ship, Humour, Hurt/Comfort, J/D Established relationship, J/D first time, J/D stranded, Missing scenes/tags/episode based stories, PWP, Post Meridian, Quantum Mirror/Alternate Reality - our SG-1 coming across their alternates, Road Trip, Series, Team Fic, Threesomes, Videos (some stories might be in more than one category)

Last update: 28/07/12 Check with Recent Entries for latest stories.
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