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Archives, Pro's Writer's Web Sites, Other Rec Sites, Video and Art Sites, News, Information, Episode Guides & Images sites, Miscellaneous. (Fic Recommendations are here)

  • The Circuit Archive A large number of authors and fics, and very recently fully updated. Here is the LJ community for updates Circuit_Archive
  • Oblique Publications, a slash archive, have a fair number of Pro stories.
  • The Hatstand another archive of Pro stories and here is the community for updates [personal profile] hatstander. There is an ever expanding list of story lists such as crossover, series, AU's etc which is very useful.
  • Pros Gen Fan Fiction Site what is says. :-)
  • The Safehouse Pro's focused LJ community. A number of stories are archived here.
  • Santa_Pros LJ community has 15 stories archived, these are also archived at the Circuit and Hatstand.
  • Discovered in a Live Journal A Professionals challenge community.
  • Summer_of_78 A Professionals Summer Fic Exchange.
  • DIALj Bound 1: Discovered On A Gangplank downloadable zine from the 'Discovered in a... LJ' challenge.
  • DIALj Bound 2: Discovered On All Hallows Eve downloadable zine from the 'Discovered in a... LJ' challenge.
  • DIALj Bound 3: Discovered in a Skyrocket downloadable zine from the 'Discovered in a... LJ' challenge.
  • Santa_Pros LJ community has 15 stories up plus art, banners, quizes etc. as a Christmas treat. The stories are variable and not to all tastes, but the idea is wonderful.
  • Summer_of_78 stories written for the Summer of 78 prompt.

    Personnel Web Sites of Pro's Writers
  • Zeropanic home of Sebastian's slash - a number of great stories.
  • Anne Higgins has a number of stories on her site. She write B/D, but has a strong liking for George Cowley so he often figures prominently. She has also written Chief/Pros crossovers. Martin Shaw played Alan Cade in a series called The Chief. Anne has her admirers, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them. :-)
  • Helen Raven has six pieces of fiction including the zine The Cook and The Warehouseman which I have to admit to finding very heavy going, but other fans have raved over it so read it and make up your own mind! I read The Tailor-made Sequence, an AU/Horror, with total fascination, and found The Same River a disturbingly superb read.
  • Bluespirit's Pros Index has seven Professional stories on her site written as Cassidy Collins and a number of pieces of rather good art, all are worth looking over.
  • Kitty Fisher has a number of Professional Stories on her site. I like In God's Country and The Chameleon's Dish despite the high angst. All of the stories are worth checking out, but do heed the warnings.
  • Sandy K Herrold's story page. Worth a look through.
  • Arduinna has a number of fandoms including four Pros stories on her site. She ask people to link to her front page, so I have! Do read her An Elf by Any Other Name and the sequel Lighter-Footed than the Fox. Yes they are Elf stories, but both are fun and very different.
  • Brenda Antrim writing as Sue Castle has written a few Pros stories, and a number of xovers, again the Chief features in a couple. Certainly not a sweet and sugary writer, some stories are painful in the extreme, but I did find Remember a very good read. I also enjoyed Reunions a Pros/Sentinel crossover.
  • Rachael Sabotini has a number of Pro's stories by Rachel as Alys, and Thomas. Thomas' tend to bleak and brutal, Rachel's either funny or contemplative.
  • Nell Howell's Slash Fiction and Recs has a number of great stories, most recc'd below.
  • Cops and Spies Fan Fiction by Lacey McBain has four Pros stories.
  • Angelfish Archives 'A Collection of Transcendent Tales for Lovers of The Professionals'
  • Mackie's FanFic a few stories and some photos of the lads.
  • Meri's Other Oddities of Fiction has a number of B/D stories on her stories page.
  • Mackie's FanFic Index also includes photos of Bodie, Doyle and Cowley along with the stories.
  • Publish and be Damned Jo's, also known online as Llywela, site.
  • LRH Balzer Pros fanfic four stories.
  • Carol's Fan fiction page Gen fiction.
  • Welcome to my CI5 stories Elsa's Pros and New Pros fan fiction.
  • Enthusiastic Amateurs Joey's Pros slash fiction.
  • Zed's Fic a number of good, well written stories.
  • Gila's Cave fan fic of James Walkswithwind. Scroll down the page to find the stories.
  • This Land web site of Shoshanna with 9 Pro stories.
  • The Professionals Fiction by Bamf aka Goodnight Lady.
  • Callizz the shared website of Callisto and Izzie
  • Omnium Gatherum web site of UKJess aka Georgina Kirrin
  • Ancasta's Corner recs, videos and stories.

    Other Rec sites
  • Madrigals' Professionals Recs some great recommendations, many from the CD, beautifully laid out and direct quotes from the stories provided as illustration. I'm so envious. :-)
  • Nell Howell's Rec Site an absolutely brilliant recommendation site for zines and stories all nicely categorised. I feel really envious. *g*
  • Crack Van Professionals Recs is a list of recs from the Crack van multifandom LJ community. Now listed by year:
  • Princess Cimonrene's Pros Recs on
  • Katya's Pros Recs List unfortunately not updated for years, but worth a look over.
  • Rec50 50 themed recs from Slanted Light.
  • Zeropanic Links beautifully presented Professional's links from Sebastian.
  • Palely Loitering Zine, Author and Story Listings, Reviews and Recommendations - very informative and well organised site.
  • Pros Recs istia has gathered all the Pros recs made in the now closed LJ comm [community profile] crack_van. She says,  'The recs are still in the comm, but they're not all easy to access, and many of the earlier links are dead. That struck me as a shame. I thought it might be useful to gather all the recs, fix the dead links as much as possible, and post them together.' this is the result.

    Video and Art Sites
  • Bri's Professional's Wallpapers a few rather nice wallpapers of both guys.
  • by Enednoviel has some wonderful videos as well a great pictures of the guys.
  • Three hysterically funny videos:
    1. If you were gay by crimson_37
    2. If I were gay by Enednoviel
    3. Keep it Gay by hisluvpet,
  • A Fire is Burning by the media cannibals is one of the best fan videos I have ever seen. The song is inspired and the clips run seamlessly together. Go and watch it now!
  • Video Delights a list of Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins, Pros, Capris, Escorts videos, etc at Youtube compiled by earthdogue
  • A Mobile ghetto, Swiss roll & Thou a selection of fascinating videos.
  • Zed's videos password protected.
  • The Professional's Literary Song Videos downloadable videos.
  • Pros_Vid a community for fan vidders.
  • Wild Justice a Pros songvids site.
  • Mixed Doubles videos and artwork by Crimson.
  • There is a tumblr for Pros fans called The Daily Professionals and as with all of tumblr it's image heavy and comment light, :-)

  • News, Information, Episode Guides & Images sites
  • The Authorised Guide to The Professionals a info site on the series, actors, oh everything to do with the Pros, except of course fan fiction!
  • Tauna's Slash Den: Bodie and Doyle fan fiction, screen caps and loads of links and information. Well worth looking through.
  • Lisa's The Professionals Image Library more of our favourite pair. Can you get enough?
  • Red Wolf's Professionals Episode Guide give information on the cast, provides some great quotes and gives brief summaries of each episode.
  • The Professionals Overview a LJ site with a good overview of the series, some great photos of the pair and links to a number of Pro related sites.
  • CI5 Addict a CI5 site with pictures, wallpapers and articles of the boys.
  • The Hatstand has added a great Glossary of British Usage in the Pros Era for all the non Brits out there, and those Brits too young to remember the early 1980s.
  • The ProfessionalsBBC's h2g2 site's TV Guide.
  • An absolutely superb essay by Justacat on Bodie and Doyle for the ship_manifesto LJ community Run and read it and have a good drool over the abundant pictures that illustrate her words.
  • The TV Lounge a general The Professionals forum. This is linked to Dave Mathews informative site.
  • Professionals Slash Fan Zines this is a master list of all the Pros slash zines, or zines with Pros content, available plus information on whether they are in print or not etc.
  • Foxhole on the Roof is a discussion forum run by Sebastian, an excellent Pros writer.
  • Pros_Pearl Celebrating 30 Years of Pros.1977 - 2007. An LJ community set up for a year long celebration of the Pro's Pearl Anniversary.
  • CI5 Headquarters CI5 Headquarters is a slash-oriented (but gen/het friendly) rec, discussion and news community LJ
  • Fuzzy Shark Forum Pros thread with some hilarious episode reviews - with pics!
  • pros_newsletter a weekly post providing a digest of all things Pros - news, fanfiction, discussion, fan graphics, fan vids, recs - anything that is Pros related.
  • Links pages for Pro's background resources the world of 1977 and TV in 1977.
  • Fanlore wiki on The Professionals extensive collection of information.

  • Angst as a 5 Star Thai menu by Alexandra is a hilarious look at the angst in Pro fan fiction in the form of a five-stars-for hotness menu.
  • The trail of the brown checked shirt by Stewardess. A caption full and fun search for the rightful owner of the afore mentioned brown checked shirt!
  • Mobile Ghettoa fan listing.
  • A Picture is Worth 1000 Words an annual writing challenge.
  • Lewis Collins unofficial fan site.
  • Gay Quotes Project a list of ‘gay quotes’ from The Professionals episodes by kiwisue
  • Thoughts on Kate McLean this is a long, thoughtful essay by Justacat about her love for the author Kate McLean's stories. Mind you, I disagree with just about everything she says as I thoroughly dislike what I see as Kate's 'mischaracterisation' of both Bodie and Doyle, but specifically Doyle who she depicts as an arrogant, disagreeable and dislikeable person, and that is something I so cannot agree with or accept and has no basis in canon whatsoever. Some would say that is because Doyle is usually seen from Bodie's inaccurate and misleading POV and after some reflection I guess I have to accept that Kate's Bodie is usually a very unreliable and often bitter narrator. But then my response is that I have absolutely no desire to read about a Bodie who is so foreign to the man I see on screen and also that I have no patience whatsoever with unnecessary and never ending angst and misunderstanding when the Pros is all about two men and an organisation who survive, even thrive on the mayhem and madness that surrounds them. I'll shut up now. :)

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