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LJ can't cope with the number of recs so I'm splitting the list in two...

Part 2 of my Sherlock (BBC) Themed Recommendations, Sherlock and John focused both slash and friendship - these will be labelled gen unless the summary makes it obvious plus a sprinkling of fics that don't fit in the above category.

Part 1: AU, Asexual Sherlock, BAMF! John, Case Fics, Character Studies, Crossovers, (
DW / LJ)

Part 2: Dark, Domestic Snippets, Drama, First Time emphasis, Gender-swap, Humour, Hurt / Comfort, John / Moriarty,  Mycroft 'helps out', Other, Sociopathic Sherlock emphasis, Other People recs pages / Fandom Intros

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  • A Momentary Madness by Très Méchante Anger – well, obsession and homicidal rage, really – bound Sherlock and Moriarty together, and only death can release them. The problem is that each one simply refuses to die. John Watson pov A dark, complex and intriguing mind fuck
  • Droit de Seigneur by velvet mace What Sherlock has, Mycroft wants, and what Mycroft wants he gets. A very dark, disturbing and ingenious fic that packs a powerful punch. This Myfcroft is corrupted by power while this John is absolutely superb.
  • I Can See You by Kasey John H Watson has never been what people would class as being an ordinary person, not when he was young and not now when he’s in his mid-thirties and running around London like he’s some bloody superhero; granted without the tights. Sherlock thinks he’s normal and ‘pedestrian’ but John wishes he was normal; normal sounds so much better than what he really is... a creep... A very intriguing and often highly creepy story, it was written for Halloween, of John's life prior to meeting Sherlock and then after. I love the ending.
  • The Most Dangerous Game by gestalt1 Written for a prompt on sherlockbbc_fic: I'd really like to see some secret!serial-killer!Sherlock, either because he's finally gotten bored of solving regular crimes, or he's been doing this all along and framing other people for it. Extra Dark!Watson would be much appreciated. Maybe he's just seen so many people killed, and killed himself, that it no longer feels like much to be concerned about. This dark Sherlock and John is surprisingly delicious. ;-) Linked to third part as it has the links to the previous two parts
  • Training Dr. John Watson by angelblack3 In this universe, Jim got a hold of Sherlock way before he ever met the ones that were meant to save him. Now, they're happy business partners. Though, according to Jim, Sherlock isn't nearly as happy as he could be. He should find someone like Jim found his dear pet Sebby. Sherlock is skeptical, until he finds an army doctor with a psychosomatic limp in a twisted sense of fate. Evil, evil Sherlock, I don't think I can emphasise how evil yet still very recognisable with a wonderfully in character John. A highly fascinating (kind of in watching an accident about to happen type of way) description of John dealing with becoming the object of lust and desire for a total psychopath. The author changes pov quickly and often is some chapters, something that usually irritates me but it works here. There's the occasional clumsy phrasing and tenses can switch at random but the story is so well thought through that it doesn't matter because the author has done her homework (she jokes the FBI might be after her if they read her search history) and forgoes cliches and slavish love to bring us something different.

Domestic Snippets
  • Act of God (Sherlock) by thehoyden John came to realise rather quickly that Sherlock had absolutely zero interest in their household affairs. Short delightful snippet.
  • Obvious Fact by MuseDePandora John knows he has an unusual relationship with his flatmate. He knows their friendship is complicated. And yes, he knows everyone assumes he's in a relationship with Sherlock Holmes. But he's not. Obviously. It's not like that. John would know. Right?
    I don't tend to read at ffnet very often but there are often hidden nuggets of gold and this is one of them. :-)
  • There Must be Something in the Water by rocket happy Insanity must be contagious, because John finds himself talking to that damn skull more often than he would like to admit. Totally delightful and very funny 'slice of life' story. My favourite line was John's realisation, following a typical Sherlock reaction, that "He's living with a child." :-) (gen)

  • A Little Competition by entangled now "Still, John, a ghost story at Halloween, during a power cut, in a thunderstorm. The terribly predictable cliche of it all." Sherlock slides down in the chair until his chin touches his chest. A superbly written Halloween fic with the added joy of Mycroft all from John's delightfully wry pov.
  • And then the darkness by calicokat Adventure concluded, but yet another awaits. The author says that the story "comes from my love of turn of the century weird horror in general and Conan Doyle's weird horror in particular, much of which centers around Mesmerism/Spiritualism." It is fascinating and bewildering with a intriguing range of characters and lovely Sherlock and Homles interaction and dialogue. A WIP at present, but regularly updated.
  • Cu Sylvatica by sprl1199 After the events of the Great Game, Sherlock and John are called to assist the police on a murder investigation. Sherlock--convinced that the victim’s missing flatmate is the key to the investigation--finds himself unraveling a complex web of faked identity, kidnapping, and blackmail. All the while, he and John work to come to terms with the scar that Moriarty left on their lives and the possibility of his return. The difficulty is compounded by seemingly everyone in Sherlock’s life appearing to expect him to take Moriarty up on his offer of criminal partnership. The worst part is that Sherlock isn’t certain that they’re wrong. Lovely long, well plotted story from Sherlock's pov.
  • Give Me The Quiet Things by lady t 220 John had never been afraid of asking "What's the worst that can happen?" He was pretty sure he'd already seen it. A wonderful, painful, glorious fic.
  • Immortal Beloved by greywash Mostly, John just wants Sherlock to leave off the prostitutes. An amazing often uncomfortable story of two idiots who make some bloody stupid decisions between them. This is all seen through John's brutally honest pov. It does have some lovely moments of humour, the ending with Mycroft is a delight, but also some very intense, mixed up and painful moments (the bit with the gun make me shiver!). Well worth a read.
  • Intent and Purposes Series by Vescaus Consisting so far of Sidekick and Villain all written post The Great Game and revolving around Sherlock and John and how they deal with Moriarty's threats. It's a beautiful character study of both men.
  • Needing is One Thing (Getting is Another) by ladyflowerdi and mirrorskippy In which there are near death experiences, escapes, capture, sex, and John in Sherlock’s coat, but not necessarily in that order. Really interesting story the continues on from the end of The Great Game and evolves in an intriguing manner.
  • Parellel by brbsoulnomming There's a case at a secondary school/University, some series of threats or string of bizarre murders that has the entire campus shaken. In the course of the investigation, Sherlock and John meet two students. One is well liked if not popular, athletic, intelligent without showing off, involved only because they were close to a victim or witnessed something important. The other is a loner with no regard for social norms, an insufferable genius, always in the chem lab, and involved because everyone, including teachers/professors, think they're behind everything. Sherlock and John are responsible for these two meeting. And, because they both want to help with the investigation, they get to watch them become friends and fall a little in love. And that makes them feel things about themselves that they've been working very hard to not feel, thank you. The two female OCs are interesting reflections of John and Sherlock and also of interest in their own right.
  • Space Travel by candle beck The night the aliens came was the first time John understood the extent of his predicament. Any fic that starts with a line like that and continues to slot similarly fascinating lines throughout is a story worth reading. :-)
  • The Hour of Separation by vegarin With or without the bomb strapped to him, John's still a hostage. Angsty and heartbreakingly good.
  • The Thing is by Tsylvestris The problem with living with Sherlock, John thought, was that you never, never, ever knew the significance of anything. Like your flatmate's nose buried in your hair. Whilst you're in bed. A really fascinating and engaging story. Romance, angst, mystery, action, BAMF! John (a personal favourite),Sherlock being Sherlock hence the angst and Mycroft being himself. Well worth a read.
  • Traffic Lights for the Colour Blind by lavvyn In which it's not the war John is missing, Sherlock needs to find new ways to hang on to his flatmate, and Moriarty tries to get himself a pet of his own. Features also: guns, tea, the reason Sherlock Holmes won't take the tube, cell phones, a budgie, and one obnoxious older brother. Brilliant and fascinating writing.

First Time Emphasis
  • Once More With Feeling by redcarrigan To put off his meddlesome, matchmaking mother, John convinces Sherlock to play the role of his significant other. Unparalleled awkwardness ensues. Utterly delightful with a very different and highly entertaining take on John's parents.
  • that thing you like by Miss Pamela "Happy Christmas, etc. etc." Highly enjoyable Christmas fic that is often very funny with some wonderful dialogue and feels very in character.
  • The Shape I Found You In by irisbleufic & Moony  In which Sherlock invades Sweden, John watches too much questionable television, Things Are Finally Talked About, and absence makes the heart grow odder. And the sequel Lay Me Down A wonderfully entertaining and heart warming development of John and Shurlock's relationship from friends to lovers over text, email and, in the sequel, face to face. Don't forget to read the subject lines of the first lot of emails as they are highly entertaining and so in character. :-) also on AO3 here
  • Without Loss of Generality by queenklu There are more things in heaven and earth, and more important things than John Watson. “John. I—“ Sherlock clears his throat, and John has to physically remind himself to shut his mouth. “I seem to have made you some tea.” Highly enjoyable. I love it being from John's pov and I like the discussion about the 'high functioning sociopath' label.
  • Winter's Delights by kate lear Sherlock take John home to meet the extended Holmes family. Highly enjoyable and often very funny story with fascinating OCs and a wonderful Sherlock and John first time.
  • You Can Imagine the Christmas Dinners by ardenteurophile Sherlock takes John along for Christmas dinner with Mycroft and Mummy (And "Anthea", too). Over the course of the evening, John realises that everyone in the room - apart from him - seems to think that he and Sherlock are a couple. SHENANIGANS ENSUE. Enjoyable, amusing and clever with lovely use of 'Mummy', Mycroft and 'Anthea'. John is so wonderful in this.

  • Gravid by blind author Sherlock and girl!John (Joan) get together. A few months down the line Reichenbach Falls happens. Turns out that Joan was pregnant and she never got to tell him. Sherlock defeats the rest of Moriarty's organisation in only a few months. The day he arrives back in London is actually the day that Joan is in labour. Despite my very strong preference for a John as his delightful self, I've read a few gender swaps and been quite impressed by them. This one I really do like and John/Joan is wonderfully BAMF!
  • The Skeleton Winter by branwyn Joanna knows that enlisting as the only recruit in Sherlock's private army isn't going to make her less damaged. But Sherlock puts her damage to good use. Joanna thinks that is by far the best thing that could have happened to her. It may, in fact, be the only thing that could have saved her. A genderswap AU casefic loosely based on AC Doyle's "The Dancing Men". A very well done and fascinating story. Joanne is a wonderfully complex person, as fascinating as canon John but different because she's a woman in what is still essentially a 'man's world'. Her relationship with Sherlock is beautifully depicted as is her friendship with Lestrade. Well worth a read.

  • 29 Days by naughtyspirit John bets Sherlock that he can’t compliment someone every day for a month. It ends up many of these compliments are aimed at John and it leads to them kissing/confessing or whatever. Highly enjoyable angst free fun and games. :-)
  • A_Brief Account Of Life With Zombies by Silver Pard Sherlock thinks it's all a bit of a nuisance, John is having the time of his life, and Mycroft is Not Impressed. With anything, but mostly his minions' inability to provide a good cup of tea. Hysterical and the best line was, and there were many to choose from,'zombie nommed Billy'. :-)
  • Alien Abduction Blues by Silver Pard Mycroft is abducted by aliens. It's quite possibly the worst thing that's ever happened... to the aliens. Very funny, with sly references to the HHGTTG (gen)
  • Amends by doodle writes Another Height Differences fictlet. Sherlock is cranky, John is (still) short. Very funny and I adore the last line!
  • Big Brother is Watching You by flawedamythyst Sherlock and John enter the Big Brother house. It might not surprise you to know that this is crack!fic, very well written and highly amusing crack!fic admittedly. I nearly didn't read it once I saw its subject matter, the show gives me the hives, but this was a highly entertaining romp.
  • Bored by loveslashangst Sherlock is bored. John proposes a solution. Literally. This made me laugh out loud at the end. :-) (gen)
  • Cabin Fever by awanderingbard A massive storm keeps John trapped in Baker Street with a half-blind (for science!), very bored Sherlock Holmes. A very funny and clever story, beautifully characterised,  that provides us with an explanation for that stabbed to the wall Cluedo board. (gen)
  • Everyone Loves a Scandal by metisket If John had known they were in for celebrities today, he’d have made more of an effort to, well, put on trousers, for one thing.The author says that this is 'Retelling of A Scandal in Bohemia, in which Sherlock meets his match and John laughs and laughs.' which is a great summary. This is also an Irene Alder I really, really like. :-) (gen)
  • Getting the message by loveslashangst Well-meaning but misguided attempts at matchmaking, via text-messaging. Highly enjoyable fic with a very manipulative Mycroft up to his tricks.
  • How to Accidentally Summon a Demon by patster223 Sherlock is possessed by a demon. A damned, wicked soul that uses the kitchen table for blood rituals and experiments. John doesn't even notice the difference. Short, highly amusing fic..
  • It Had to be Ewe by flawedamythyst “I have been to every country that raises sheep, asking the same question, and it has led me here.” Crack AU in which John is a sheep farmer and Sherlock is nuts. Well, okay, maybe that bit isn't so AU. Nuts and very funny. :-)
  • Jawn of the Dead by Silver Pard Prompt: Sherlock comes home to 221B after faking his death. John and Lestrade had just been watching Dawn of the Dead, while drinking, so they think Sherlock is a zombie and keep trying to kill him. Again. I read it once, laughed myself sick, read it again and nearly fell off my chair laughing. :-) Or read here. Silver Pard is always worth reading.
  • John and Sherlock Make a Baby (From Stuff they Find Around the Flat) by AnnLarimer and Rosencrantz Jesus Christ, it's a babyfic - GET IN THE CAR Hilarious and just hilarious, oh and all sorts of wrong, but mainly hilarious. :-)
  • London Orbital by merripestin  "I'm driving first," Sally said. "Guv can take over after me. If we're all still mad enough to be at this after that, John can drive third shift. Then the freak, if we decide we can risk it." "John doesn't drive," said Sherlock. "Then what's John along for?" Sally protested. Which Greg reckoned had to be just Sally trying to wind Sherlock up. She knew better. All night in a car with Sherlock was bad enough. All night driving round and round the M25 looking for a killer, with Sherlock deprived of John Watson, sounded like a new circle of hell. Very clever, very funny and a wonderful observation of John and Sherlock from Greg Lestrade's pov. Also a welcome positive view of Sally Donovan. (Gen)
  • On the courting behaviour of the British Sherlock by Bold as Brass Sherlocks can be destructive when bored. We're hoping the introduction of a companion John Watson will improve matters. This is hilarious. It's a Zoofic where the characters are presented as though there are part of a wildlife documentary, sounds daft, but it really works.
  • Sherlock-the-Pooh by thisprettywren Sometimes Sherlock likes a game of some sort when he comes upstairs, and sometimes he likes to sit quietly in front of the fire and listen to a story. This evening— “What about a story?” said Sherlock. John writes children's stories about his and Sherlock's adventures, featuring Sherlock ther Pooh, Mycroft Robin and the adorable Johnlet (although I find John even more adorable :-)). Just delightful. (gen)
  • The Adoption of John Watson by cyerus Mummy thinks that John Watson is so good for Sherlock that she must endeavor to make sure he stays with her son. If that means she has to force-adopt the man, then so be it. Mycroft is smug. Sherlock is horrified. John is devious. I giggled manically throughout this fic then reread it and giggled in exactly the same places. Delightful crack. :-) (gen)
  • The Four Paw Problem by A J Hall John is, by now, fairly used to clients showing up at 221B Baker Street and telling him they fear for their lives. He's moderately familiar with clients from aristocratic and Government circles. He's absolutely used to having his intelligence impugned in the living room of his own flat. He's just not used to confronting impossibilities which refuse to be eliminated. This had me hooked from the first sentence and I giggled my way through this with relish. John's voice is jut perfect in this and adored his way of dealing with Mycroft. A real pleasure to read with so many clever little pieces to savour it's almost as delicious as the breakfast. ;-)
  • The Goodge Street Gambit and the Controversial Non-Holmesian Principle by define wisdom Lestrade and John play a game of Mornington Crescent, Sherlock tries to work out the rules. A Sherlock / I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue crossover that made me (and my son - the whole family are huge fans) snigger uncontrollably. It probably helps to be British and to know abut Mornington Crescent, or you can read up the 'rules' here. :-)
  • The Internet Is Not Just for Porn by cyerus John is Sherlock's internet boyfriend - from Canada. This made me laugh out loud a number of times.
  • The Lobster Quadrille by anon Sherlock. Moriarty. Lobster Knife Fight. This is hilarious and nuts and the major question is really, what was the author smoking? :-) Do read the prompt and comments as you scroll to the story, they add to the general nuttiness.
  • The Remarkable Worm by marysutherland A French decathlete's had a breakdown, but Sherlock has a match-box that may explain it all. John's inner dialogue is a thing of snark, wit and charm. a very enjoyable read.
  • The Rules of Fair Play Do Not Apply by thewallhaditcoming Basically, only the first hostage in TGG happened, because Sherlock called Jim and then they decided it would be more fun to keep each other entertained. Jim starts hanging out at the flat, and begins to think John is pretty interesting. Sherlock and Jim begin competing over John and trying to ruin one another's attempts to woo him. Not a threesome and highly entertaining and fun. :-)  John is delightfully pragmatic about the whole affair.
    Truly Madly Deeply by astolat John knew something was terribly, deeply wrong when he came back to the flat and found that Sherlock had made dinner. Highly amusing, I adore pragmatic John and the last line made me laugh out loud.
  • What a Tangled Skein We Weave by capt_facepalm John has been trained to kill; Sherlock... not so much Snigger! :-)
  • You Have 487 New Messages (Or In Which Sherlock Holmes Starts A Grouptext by JenTheSweetie MH: Please remove me from this thread.This was one of those fics that leaves you grinning with delight and wishing that it hadn't just ended.
Hurt / Comfort
  • Breakfast at 221B by A J Hall "Anyway. Enough of my embarrassing sibling brothel stories. Tell me yours."A Sherlock conversation, over breakfast. An absolutely beautifully written story with so, so much going on in it. The conversation was wonderfully clever, witty and engaging. I love Sherlock, but it is John with his practicality, kindness and common sense that makes this pair work together as friends and potentially as some kind of companions / lovers. (gen)
  • Defragmenting by misswinterhill Sometimes even the best computer needs maintenance. This delightful story depicts, via Sherlock's suffering and John's acceptance and care, a lovely warm, tender and intimate friendship. (gen)
  • "404 error: file not found" by nejem  Old!Sherlock is diagnosed with dementia. As his memory loss progresses, he writes little reminders and puts them up everywhere--reminders on pretty much anything, from the day's errands to observations or random facts to memories. And scattered throughout the house are post-it notes reading 'John. I love you.' 'Tell John you love him.' 'John.' Short, clever and painful.
  • Evidence of Human Life by thesardine Sherlock's sanity deteriorates while he and John are stranded on a deserted island. A fascinating description of Sherlock's mind being unable to cope with with the utter isolation and how John helps to keep him, just about, from going insane.
  • Improbable Reality by flawedamythyst Moriarty recaptures John and leaves him trapped in a world of hallucinations. Painful, often very funny and beautifully done. Even in the midst of his hallucination John is so very firmly himself while Sherlock's determination to 'fix him' is painful to read, but ultimately highly rewarding.
  • In the Forest of the Night by KCScribbler When Sherlock Holmes dies, he doesn’t just take Jim Moriarty and half of London’s biggest crime syndicate with him – he takes the battlefield. And John does miss it; so much so that he re-enlists and is re-deployed to Afghanistan, under Mycroft Holmes’s recommendation, as an army sniper. Still coming to terms with his loss, he encounters another lieutenant who’s recently lost a commanding officer, and unwittingly forms the most dangerous comradeship of his life. War is not a study in black and white, and loyalties are not so easily defined – especially when the most dangerous man John has ever met is working each and all from behind the scenes. An excellent story, clever, fast paced, entertaining and highly intriguing. (gen)
  • Let's Make a Bed Out in the Rain by theimprobable1 John is devastated after his long-term girlfriend leaves him. Sherlock helps him through it. Warm and delightful.
  • Reaction by blind author Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme: Before shoving him in the explosive vest, Moriarty fucked John, viciously. John makes it through the whole encounter with Moriarty and Holmes via his own badass soldier nerves of steel, but afterwards, when he and Sherlock are admitted to the hospital for minor burns and abrasions and shock, the hospital staff find other injuries on John. Very well written and interesting fic. The friendship between Sherlock and John is wonderful and the dialogue engaging and real. (gennish)
  • The Case of the Uncommon Cold by fakinbrilliance John has the Flu. Sherlock is one of his most persistent symptoms. Wonderful summary and an entertaining fic.
  • The Common Cold by Trillsabells John has a cold. Sherlock doesn't believe him. Highly enjoyable. Lovely to see Sherlock's opinion of John conveyed rather neatly in a very amusing phonecall to Sarah.
  • Twenty Six Pieces by Lanning Mycroft gives Sherlock the apparently simple task of solving a puzzle box containing a stolen microchip. It isn't simple. I have read this fic at least three times and really can't understand why it's taken me until now to rec this brilliant story. The characterisation is spot on, we have BAMF! John, brilliant Sherlock and typically irritating Mycroft, a fascinating plot, villains you badly want to get their comeuppance, preferably from John, and the dialogue is to die for. Wonderful.
  • Waking You Up by brbsoulnomming John dies and Sherlock blames himself, so much so that the guilt begins to affect his life. However he keeps getting dreams of John talking to him and assuring he's not dead. Painfully beautiful story, highly angsty but with a gorgeous ending
.John / Moriarty (but let's not forget Sherlock as he's usually very much part of the equation :-))
  • Before by eckax Before John ever met Sherlock, he dated a man called Jim.  The sequels are During and After. An excellent read.
  • Knight, Burning Bright by shadownashira Kidnapped during a case, John rescues himself and comes across an injured Sebastian Moran. Afterwards, Jim Moriarty changes his mind and decides that one John Watson isn't as boring as he first seemed. I really enjoyed this, I liked the writing style, I adored this John and the author certainly achieved her goal of writing 'a realistic, canon-compliant John/Jim fic' as this has the potential to evolve into something highly intriguing.
  • Ordinary by killerweasel A/N: AU after A Scand al in Belgravia Sequel is Sleeping with the Enemy Fun and different.
  • The Rules of Fair Play Do Not Apply by thewallhaditcoming Basically, only the first hostage in TGG happened, because Sherlock called Jim and then they decided it would be more fun to keep each other entertained. Jim starts hanging out at the flat, and begins to think John is pretty interesting. Sherlock and Jim begin competing over John and trying to ruin one another's attempts to woo him. Not a threesome and highly entertaining and fun. :-)  John is delightfully pragmatic about the whole affair.
  • Witness Protection by missilemuse An AU, where John is Jim Moriarty's fiancé. He finds out about Jim's day job and agrees to testify against him. He is put into protective custody under the alias Victor Trevor. Sherlock meets Victor, sparks fly! Fascinating. A sequel is promised.

Mycroft 'helps out'
  • How Mycroft Stopped Worrying About Sherlock (aka Who Protects the Protector?) by jupiter ash Mycroft has worried about Sherlock all of Sherlock’s life. This, however, is all about to change. A really enjoyable fic about Sherlock and John from Mycroft's pov. Mycroft's voice feels very much in character.
  • The Proposition by velvet mace "Sometime in the next few days, my brother is going to proposition you. Sexually. And he'll do it in the bluntest, frankest, most graphic way possible. Most likely in front of either your date or the landlady." Mycroft paused to check for John's shock. "It will be a test. How you react will determine if you remain at 221b, or if Sherlock cuts you out of his life completely." I wasn't too sure about this one, but I started reading and was intrigued. John's encounter with Mycroft is fascinating while the dialogue and action between John and Sherlock is gripping. However it was the scene at the end that was jaw dropping and gave the story its sting! The sequel is Slow Sweet Surrender

  • An unlikely association in seven fish by Bold as Brass Of course they haven’t met up every Friday for fish and chips. Inspired by a sarcastic comment made by Mycroft in The Empty Hearse, this is fun, clever and very witty. :-)
  • Beautiful Ideas by metisket Mike knew what would happen if he introduced John Watson to Sherlock Holmes. He knew exactly what would happen, and he did it anyway. A mischievous 'fleshed out' Mike Stamford lighting the touch paper and then sitting back to enjoy the fireworks. :-) Beautifully written, clever, insightful and funny.
  • Give Me Away by notinacreepyway John Watson has his first everything. Teen Sherlock and John and the progression of their friendship. Rather delightful.
  • L'ape millenaria (The millennial bee) by mazaher Sherlock, Mycroft and John in late years. In prose, poetry and pictures. Sad and melancholic at times, but also full of love and life. Fascinating.
  • Tales from a Lost Mobile by methylviolet10b John loses his mobile. John's mobile reflects on his life with John  Ten very clever and fun to read chapters about John's mobile all very different styles and all based on prompts.
  • The Blog of Eugenia V Watson by MAdLori Today I came home from school not in the best of moods. Had an irritating day of classes and I was still rather hacked off at my stepdad because he’s a bloody wanker. But it turned out to be a good night after all. Nothing like coming home to the smell of decomposition to set things to rights. The author warns us that this is kidfic / teenage fic and is about "Genie and her rather chaotic life, with three full-time parents all of whom spend most or part of their time fighting crime in some fashion." We see John and Sherlock through her eyes and are introduced to her mother, a very interesting and well rounded OC. The characterisation of John and Sherlock is spot on and Genie is interesting in her own right.
  • The Secret Identity of John Watson by scifigrl47 Taken out of context, John Watson leads a terrifying life. You have to wonder what those poor women he dates thinks of it, especially if John decides to try keeping one away from Sherlock, and Sherlock decides that it'd be best if he could get rid of her. After all, Mycroft's taught him a thing or two about removing potential 'problems.' Funny, witty and original with great OCs who totally add to the story. John is his BAMFy gorgeous self while Sherlock is...well Sherlock. The dialogue rings true and the whole story is a pleasure to read.
  • The Theory of Narrative Causality by falling voices Sherlock is a well-known fanartist whose online antics always land him on fandom_wank. John's a beloved BNF fanfiction author. They meet at a convention; geeky love ensues. From this prompt the author has created the most satisfying and delicious 'fandom love in' ever. The characterisation is wonderful and the use of fandom highly clever and totally entertaining.

Sociopathic Sherlock emphasis
  • DSM-IV by sadbhyl John has some issues with Sherlock’s sociopathy. Well written and argued 'destruction' of Sherlock's proclaimed diagnosis. I love John's diagnosis. :-) (gen)
  • Diagnostics and Deductions by likeahurricane7 In which Dr. John Watson’s mind proves scintillating to a man who calls himself a high-functioning sociopath. Interesting fic which depicts and emphasises John's intelligence and observational skills, particularly in relation to his flatmate. :-)
  • Labels by katyroland All his life, people have labeled Sherlock, even Sherlock himself. Clever and very nicely in character.

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