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Heroes Fan Fiction - Mohinder/Sylar

The best place for Mylar fic is the LJ community mylar_fic (the nominations for the for the 2008 Mylar fic Awards are here and the winners are here. An archive does exist for all Heroes fanfic Are you on the list?, but is not very well used at present. A few people post at and An Archive of Our Own has a number, however most posting is on LJ. Below are some of my favourite stories.

Stories are listed in themes. Check with Recent Entries for latest updates.

Themes: AU-non canon, Angst. Company focused, Crossover, Death fic, Drama, 'Five Years Gone' based, Future AU, Gabriel, Hatitinisation, Humour, Mind fuck!, Missing Scene, Obsessed/Dark Sylar, PWP aka Hot and Sexy, Relationship focused, Shape shifting powers, Sylar as Nathan, Time travel

Last update 13/02/13

AU (non canon)
  • Arabian Nights by starrdust411 The story of a prince, a watchmaker, and the magical lamp that changed their lives. Another great Disney inspired Mylar by starrdust411. I'm really enjoying them.
  • Choices and Times by megmatthews20 On a dark night, Mohinder makes a mistake that has incredibly dire consequences An AU 'Silence of the Lambs' influenced story which is really well done and very convincing.
  • Dignity and Animosity by megmatthews20 Mylar, Jane Austen style. A Pride and Prejudice Mylar AU, I mean how can you not want to read it. :-) WIP
  • Empire State bydoctor caduceus In a 19th Century America still under British control, the West India Company has a special assignment for Captain Suresh. Really fascinating AU with lovely use of the regular Heroes characters. WIP
  • Entrapment by drive thru rx and the sequel Entangled are, very sexy AUs where Mohinder is a Detective.
  • Illumination in Unnatural Light by cerebral fics AU. Dr. Mohinder Suresh has a new patient. Very intriguing with enough canon to make it enjoyable and believable and with great characterisation.
  • Nightingales Cage by helen damnation AU in which Sylar, who began collecting abilities at a much earlier age, has taken over New York. Part 1 ,Part 2 ,Part 3 Highly enjoyable WIP
  • Pen Pals by aurilly When they are ten and eleven years old, respectively, Gabriel and Mohinder's parents sign them up to have a pen pal. They keep it up much longer than anyone would have expected - through childhood, their teens, and into adulthood. Very enjoyable and intriguing AU
  • The Date byK-wit Mohinder tries monkey brains. Go wild with it. AU, somewhat disturbing and yet fascinating.
  • The Geneticist and the Frog by Starrdust411 When the Prince kissed the Frog the real story began. Delightful Mylar focused rendering of the Princess and the Frog fairy story. The canon characters are used really well.
  • The Sorcerer and the Champion by shona In return for peace within the kingdom, the Petrellis made a deal to sacrifice a champion once every one hundred years. Unfortunately for Mohinder, he's up next. Highly enjoyable story.
  • Waiting at your door by shona In a world where Mohinder found his father murdered with a vampire bite on his neck, every night he hides as the monster in the dark waits to take him next. Very, AU, very tense, angsty and gripping.
  • What Goes Before by wonderbread9 Mankind went one way. We another. Their End is Final. Ours is Not. A very intriguing AU with Vampires. WIP

  • Five Times Mohinder Dreamed of Sylar (and One Time Her Didn't by tiptoe39 The dreams were horrifying, were sensual, were full of adventure and warmth and truth. Painful, but so good and really well done. I do so enjoy a good '5 times' type of story.
  • Gravity by cerebel fics It's hardly a glance, just out of the corner of Mohinder's eye, but there's something, a catch of grey hair, a slumped figure, something, that makes Mohinder jerk, twist around trying to see. His heart jumps. Sylar. Wonderful, intense and painful story.
  • The difference between want and need by carmexgirl Mohinder makes a bargain with Sylar to ensure Molly's safety, but in the end, does either of them get what they truly need? Painfully beautiful!
  • The Luxury of Regret by Ladywilde All Sylar wanted was a second chance. Angsty Mylar, sniff!
  • What we sacrifice by catoasapun Mohinder reflects on his life and recent actions, dreading the direction in which he is headed. part 2, part 3 Beautiful written and ultimately very apt and sad.

    Company Focused (both working for or Resistance against)
  • Fallout by levitatethis Against better judgement Mohinder and Sylar are teamed up together to track down a potentially destructive Special. Sometimes I wonder why I just don't rec everything this lady writes! Beautiful dialogue and a cleverly written sense of wrongness with a lovely glimpse into how a partnership between Mohinder and Sylar might be.
  • Plausible Deniability by levitatethis Mohinder and Sylar are forced to work together again, but a past indiscretion is not easily forgotten. I love the dialogue and the banter. The line - Sylar is relentless. And Mohinder is stubborn. It's a potent-problematic-exhilarating mix. Always has been. sums up for me the pleasure of Mylar and this story. :-)
  • Slow Burn by levitatethis Sylar's thoughts and feelings towards Mohinder change over time. I-Spy , Snapshots , Mousetrap and Road Markers are in the same contemplative, thoughtful and beautifully written universe where Sylar. Mohinder, Peter and Bennet are joined in Resistance to the Company
  • Stay by levitatethis In the future Mohinder and Sylar are working together with Bennet. After a long time on the road they finally return to New York but with a far different perspective than when they left. Another beautiful piece.
  • The Living Dead by levitatethis After the first attempt to take down The Company failed those left standing went underground to organize the Second Wave. Sylar, who had been MIA for years after leaving The Resistance in its weakened state, surprises Mohinder in Barcelona with some new information. Seether Set about a week after the dinner in The Living Dead Peter has arrived in Barcelona to discuss Second Wave Resistance fighting tactics given the new information brought to light (about a previously unknown Company man) while Sylar tries to sort out where he fits in with regards to the bigger picture. Ricochet The reality of Mohinder and Sylar having to work together again in the Resistance against The Company turns explosive in light of unresolved issues. Excellent characterisation, wonderful dialogue, angst and seething resentment makes this a glorious Mylar read.
  • The Road to Redemption by Ladywilde The organizations newest field agent gets off to a rough start with his new partner as both of them accompanied by Claire start off on their first assignment together A long involved and fascinating story that grabs you by the neck and keeps you reading into the night!

  • Someone there to hear it by Spaniel Kindred spirits and shared frustrations, and maybe a little too much gin. A short Heroes (Mohinder) SG-1(Daniel) crossover, I know it's not Mylar, but it happens to include one of my favourite all time characters, Daniel Jackson and my latest fave, Mohinder, plus it's clever particularly if you know both characters
  • The One with Ross' Mancrush by nowhack Friends/Heroes Ross thinks that he's developing a crush on his new co-worker. Delightful and very funny.
  • Vermin by Isagel Heroes/X-Files If you climb down into the sewers, be prepared to meet the rats. This WIP is fascinating with wonderful characterisation. The pairings are Mulder/Krycek and Sylar/Mohinder WIP

    Death fic
  • Korgano by Lady Vader Bizarrely based on the chase between sun and moon. For the 10 Word Challenge: Solar. Painful, sad and very well written.
  • My Old Life Come For Me by anon For the Good Sylar prompt. Very nicely written, painful and angsty.
  • O Holy Night by evil is pretty On the holiest of nights, the devil asks for forgiveness. Very well written and so very, very sad.

  • Heroes Slash Short Fics by K-wit A bunch of slash short fics and drabbles. Mostly Mylar A good 100 drabbles and shorts, all worth a read.
  • Magnet by levitatethis Mohinder is surprised at his lab by Sylar and Adam Excellent and involving dialogue piece with so much going on underneath.
  • Snowman by megmatthews20 Sylar wants Mohinder's help finding getting a man's abilities... Really interesting story with a intriguing interaction between Mohinder and Sylar and a fascinating 'Special'.
  • Strange Condition by HariKari A month after the events at Kirby Plaza Mohinder visits another special individual from his father's list. This leads to an unexpected meeting with a certain supposed-to-be-dead serial killer, a kidnapping, and a battle with a man out for revenge, a man whose powers happen to rival even Sylar's.  An interesting and enjoyable read. I'm hoping for a sequel.
  • Through the Looking Glass by levitatethis Mohinder's mother and Molly visit him for Christmas and life seems good...too good. Very clever and totally enthralling story. I loved Mohinder's mother in this, she is totally delightful, while Sylar and Mohinder's strained (on Mohinder's side) meeting was wonderful in its intensity and silent dialogue.
  • With Great Power by original tinks Matt gets mad at Mohinder and inserts a bunch of false memories of of Mohinder and Sylar being in love and it all ending badly when Sylar cheats on him. Due to the false memories Mohinder is suddenly heartbroken but then decides to make Sylar pay for his indiscretion only to have something actually happen between Mohinder and Sylar. We cleverly get to see and hear the events through Matt and this makes this story both angsty and amusing.
  • Understanding by Tiana Immediately after the finale, Sylar finds himself drawn back into Mohinder's life. Long, well plotted and intriguing story with a big cast of characters, but focused on Sylar and Mohinder overall. WIP

    'Five Years Gone' based
  • As If Sorry Could  Make Up for This by Tinkering What is President Petrelli to do with his dear friend Mohinder after this betrayal. He only wants to keep him safe. Another 5YG AU. Mad, bad and dangerous to know Sylar decides to keep Mohinder all to himself, and to personally bathe him as well after allowing him a choice of lotion and soaps of course! WIP.
  • Enhanced AU by Icalynn consisting of Enhanced, Evolving, Fragments, Elite and Acclimation. In 'Five Years Gone' we were presented a future where those that had abilities were hunted down and my thought was, what if it was the other way around? A long and fascinating story based in the potential universe of 'Five Years Gone'.
  • If you were the last man on earth by seraphtrevs It's been a year and a half since the Shanti virus dropped and devastated the planet. After refusing to conduct inhumane experiements in the search for a cure, Mohinder is made into an unwilling test subject by his former colleagues. When Mohinder thinks that things can't get any worse, he is unexpectedly rescued by Sylar, who has plans that include world domination, ultimate power, and domestic bliss. Mohinder isn't sure he's better off. Wonderful read with delightfully quirky humour throughout. WIP
  • Resignation by gaiafaye Mohinder debates what he should do now that he knows the truth behind President Petrelli. Seen from Mohinder's exhausted and terrified pov, a possible end.
  • State of Change by levitatethis By the time Mohinder realizes Nathan is Sylar, he is in too deep. Beautiful reflective story.
  • The Illusion of Life by toestastegood President Petrelli always gets what he wants. Beautifully written and very creepy. Another great 5YG story.
  • Token by Lady Vader Mohinder regain consciousness after the final scenes of 5YG. For the 10 Word Challenge: Stained Glass. Tense well written fic with Mohinder's rising panic as he slowly understand just who it is he's talking to beautifully depicted.
  • Tomorrow Never Came by mneiai Mohinder at the end of 5YG. and the sequel Waking Up Is Harder dark, creepy and a good read.
  • What you wish for by cerebal fics Matt Parkman realizes, finally, who's in the Oval Office. Clever and chilling post 5YG. Also answers the question, how could Matt not have known!

    Future AU (of canon universe)
  • All My Sins Remembered by evil is pretty What would have happened if the bomb had gone off?... If Claire hadn't been given the chance to get away from her father and grandmother? If Niki and DL hadn't been able to stop Linderman? If Peter and Hiro had been left to face Sylar alone? Nathan sends Mohinder on a journey to find his brother in the aftermath, and along the way, everyone begins to discover that things aren't always the way they seem. Is followed by Borrowed Time and Hollow Heroes (unfortunately still a WIP. The series is an absolutely, convoluted, involved and involving AU.
  • Darkest Side by mabes He can hardly work, hardly leave the apartment. He spends his time cooped up and watching their every move from afar... watching the world slowly turn itself over to their whim. "I feel like owning something beautiful," Sylar murmurs, eyes eerily focused and so dark they send an icy shiver down the ridges of Mohinder's spine. Sylar and Peter gone bad with a specific desire in common... revenge! WIP
  • Don't Worry by megmatthews20 Mohinder keeps having nightmares about his friend Gabriel, nightmares that are so real, so vivid, that they haunt him even while he's awake. One startling night he realizes the nightmares aren't his. They are the memories of the man he was cloned from. And suddenly his safe little world is turned upside down when he and Gabriel are forced to go on the run. A very clever, somewhat painful and involving AU. It'll Be Okay is original tinks 'official' sequel. A gripping, painful and ultimate tragic conclusion to this universe.
  • For Them bytoestastegood fics set in the same 'verse as 'For Them', a future!fic one-shot in which Mohinder and Sylar have finally come to a non-violent agreement: as long as Mohinder does as he's told, his friends are safe. These interesting, somewhat disturbing and well written stories can be read in written order or chronological order.
  • Jiminy Cricket by toestastegood Sylar had been in prison for two years before Mohinder found the strength to visit him. Really fascinating and intriguing AU. I loved listening to Sylar's twisted reasoning as Mohinder struggles to know quite what moves he should be making.
  • Korgano by Lady Vader Bizarrely based on the chase between sun and moon. For the 10 Word Challenge: Solar. Painful, sad and very well written.
  • Save Me by cerebal fics Mohinder swallows. "Molly is nine years old," he says. "You're not." Interesting what if?
  • Something Good by semi creative Five years after the events of "Parasite," Mohinder uneasily works for Nathan, but an unexpected visitor turns his world upside down. Lovely characterisation and a fascinating and twisty time line culminating in heart break and yet new possibilities.
  • Soon, Love, Soon by cerebral fics Nathan doesn't look away. "Your life, for Mohinder Suresh's freedom. Do we have a deal, Mr. Gray?" Wonderfully intense and exciting read.
  • Starting Over by Aurilly What would have happened if Sylar had gotten 'better' during his time in the Mexican facility? Angsty but cute Mylar in alternating first-person POVs. It's basically an ode to NYC. Enjoyable 'normal Sylar' with lovely Sylar/Mohinder interaction and interesting input from other characters such as Peter, Nathan, Matt and Molly. The sequel is Home in Lutèce
  • Step Sideways by molly With so much history, and so many enemies, can their relationship survive? Beautiful story.
  • The Constant by Ladywilde (and here for some of the chapters) Post S2 Sylar gains a new power that gives him glimpses into alternate time lines, one that may end in Mohinder's death. Fascinating and very interesting.
  • This broken jaw of our lost kingdom by stage longsama Adam Monroe lets out the virus. Across the country in New York City, Mohinder Suresh finds himself locked in quarantine with Maya, Molly, and a powerless Sylar. [Alternate reality, branching off from S2's finale.] Fascinating and rewarding read.

  • Alternate Universe by Violet Anchovy A/U based on 'Six Months Ago'. Written because sometimes you wish things could work out. Very enjoyable 'what if'.
  • Anagnorisis by gaiafaye As he watches the relationship between his son and his Patient Zero move beyond professional boundaries, Chandra Suresh realizes he's in over his head. Beautifully written story mainly in Chanda's pov. It provides us with a possible future where Mohinder and Gabriel meet, become friends and more yet Sylar is still very much a threatening and powerful presence.
  • Warm Rain bymotsureru Amidst a world where time surrounded him that was all his own, Gabriel thought himself not happy, but relatively satisfied. But in a single second, his mildly satisfactory world had changed. This really needs reading twice to do it justice.

  • All Around the World,Acquiesce and Don't Look Back in Anger by Megaatthews20 Mohinder is searching for Sylar and gets more than he bargained for. Sylar going after what he wants in a rather convoluted manner.
  • Alternating Beginnings by aurilly Sylar gets a new start, of sorts, with Mohinder. Really intriguing with a great ending.
  • Best Laid Plans by mabes Sylar is tired of waiting and takes what is his. His plan goes slightly wrong and he must fix it. Nicely developed story, we see Sylar try and break Mohinder to suit and then watch as it all goes wrong. The ending is both fitting and hopeful.
  • Do Over by shona If his relationship with Mohinder was broken, Sylar knew of just one way to fix it, he paid a visit to the Haitian. Angsty and perfect. In some senses you feel sorrier for Sylar than Mohinder with his desperate fight for Mohinder's love, but then you see what he's willing to do to the man he supposedly loves and you hope that somehow Mohinder can fight back.

  • Bizzaro World by Aurilly Sylar gets the power to visit other universes. Fun!
  • Grey Morning by gaiafaye Mohinder tries to cope on the morning after their first time. Rather fun!
  • In the Writer's Room by Aurilly We all have our own hopes and speculations, but what do the 'heroes' want for season three? Snigger!
  • Jurassic Christmas by megmatthews20 Mohinder swallowed, turning his head slowly to look behind him. Sure enough, there was a giant pterodactyl looking curiously at the both of them A wonderfully inventive and fun Christmas Mylar fic.
  • Road (To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions) Trip by squills There are so many different ways to save the world...and so many different ways to screw it all up. Laugh out loud funny!
  • Sylinder the Sitcom by Pirate Monkey Sylar and Mohinder sims - laugh out loud funny.
    The Great Outdoors by starrdust411 Delightfully warm and funny.
  • Twenty One Tokens by doctor caduceus Mohinder has a secret admirer. I really enjoyed this story. The first half made me laugh like a drain a number of times, the second half was more serious and thoughtful, but with delightfully funny little passages. Overall an original and intriguing take on Mylar.
  • Wake Up Call by Grey Elven Eyes "There are people writing erotica about you, Suresh. Porn. Homosexual porn, at that. With Sylar. How can you not find this hilarious?" "You'll forgive me if I don’t find this as amusing as you do," Mohinder snits. Very clever and very funny at times.

  • Break by Lady Vader My enemies enemy is my friend. Dark, twisted and delicious. :-)
  • Fever Dreams by isfictiem Side effects of Fentanyl: Hallucinations, nervousness, confusion, headache, fatigue, dizziness. Mohinder's stay in Building 26 is not a pleasant one. a delicious mind fuck of fic, courtsey of Sylar of course.
  • Flowers of Madness by depointedulac Mohinder sits at Molly's grave and grieves... only to be joined by a familiar face.Dark, creepy Mohinder mind trip courtesy of Sylar of course.
  • I will follow you into the dark by cerebral fics "We'll kill him," says Sylar. "We'll kill him, together." Dark, twisted and a great read.
  • Twisted by Tiana Sylar can't decided what to do about his attraction to Mohinder. Sylar is his evil and cruel self and Mohinder suffers - beautifully! What is about this pairing that makes this so damn delicious!
  • What's Mine Is(n't) Yours by Hari Kari Sylar pays Mohinder a visit. Very cleverly done.

    Missing Scene/Episode Tag
  • Ten Minutes by strangesicksad Missing scene from Powerless. Sexual tension and angst plus great dialogue.

    Obsessed/Dark Sylar
  • Continuing by TeeCub A tense morning leads to a lot more than Mohinder may be able to handle. Four Five An interesting story that becomes more intriguing at it progresses. WIP
  • Just Enough by palatialthought Sylar makes a quick stop before leaving Building 26 Mohinder is the object of Sylar's twisted lust!
  • Of Flaws and Beethoven by mabes Sylar is looking for a flaw in Mohinder. Sylar is obsessed with Mohinder in his usual dark, creepy and twisted manner.
  • Oscillation by deadlybride A really intense and darkly beautiful fic made even more interesting by being seen from Matt's pov.
  • Psycho Magnet by mabes Mohinder is leaving, finally, and running from Sylar's games. Or is he? A very creepy, unstable Sylar obsesses over Mohinder! WIP
  • Smoke on the Horizon by gaiafaye After trapping Mohinder in Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital, Hiro never came back for him. But Sylar did. Fascinating fic with a broken Mohinder and a Sylar determined to fix him to his own specifications.
  • Something Like Seduction by toestastegood He's never tried to court someone before, but he's certain that it can't be too hard. Sylar pursues Mohinder in his own inimitable manner
  • Step by Step by anon. For the dead Molly prompt! Obsessed, evil Sylar really screwing with 'his' Mohinder.
  • The Ghost in the Gears by torolulu The many lives of Mohinder Suresh Fascinating!
  • The Love Song of Gabriel 'Sylar' Gray by hackthis Mohinder and Sylar are both men of science. They are both striving to achieve the same ends: creating and protecting a world they deem worthy of themselves. Gabriel and Sylar's fascinating musings on Mohinder.
  • This is Our Happy Ending by LittleDarkling Sylar always finds him. Dark and delicious,.
  • Unwanted Power by K-wit Written for mylarfic's 'special mo' challenge. What price will Mohinder pay when Sylar decides to make him special too? Very creepy and painfully good.
  • What I've Got is Mine by ilcuoreardendo Just a snippet. A hark back to the good old days of Mylar with a manipulative Sylar.

    PWP aka Hot and Sexy
  • Complications by Isagel This story takes place somewhere between 'Unexpected and 'Parasite' A first time with Mohinder and 'Zane' sexy and fascinating.
  • Marked by drive thru rx An Advent day story. Wonderfully written, exciting and sexy. Erased is the sequel.
  • Trick by Lady Vader Mohinder attends a Halloween party. For the 10 Word Challenge: Sticky, Candy, Share Very hot and sexy!

    Relationship focused
  • Broken Glass Universe by motsureru consisting of Broken Glass, Any Other Night and Victim of Circumstance. There was Sylar, sprawled out in the form of everything he had poured his life into for the past six months. His research, his father's list, the fold-up travel map from the car, the broken tea cup on the floor. There was Sylar, burned forever into his memory; perpetually smoldering at the heart of his existence. A disaster left to waste. A long, highly enjoyable trilogy and an excellent read. The journey for Mohinder and Sylar was wonderful with the author managing to maintain Sylar's appealing and sexy dangerousness while adding in warmth and humanity through his love for Mohinder, while Mohinder was his delightful, serious yet charming self, easy to dismiss initially, but you never make the same mistake twice. All three sections had their own magic, but I particularly loved the last part, Sylar's time with the watchmaker, his chat with Mohinder's mum, Mohinder's knock out of Sebastian, the Haitian, Bennet... oh everything!
  • For the Nights I Can't Remember by kieksterbanjo "I thought you were stronger than that Gabriel. Maybe I gave you too much credit. Maybe you're too weak of mind" I adore Mylar, obviously, but it's hard to work out how the pair of them can be together without running slap bang into their past and Sylar's desire to kill and take powers. This story balances that fine line rather nicely.
  • I Count the Hours Since I Last Saw Your Face by Squills Mohinder finally realizes there's a way he can trap Sylar. The problem is, pretending to care about someone for too long can make you actually start caring about them. Lovely and interesting story that made me smile at times.
  • Modus Operandi by levitatethis For Mohinder there's a difference between knowing Sylar is out there and knowing what Sylar wants, fight as he might against it. Wonderful story with Mohinder and Sylar getting to grips with their sexual attraction to each other.
  • Pick Up the Pieces by catoasapun After the events of 'Powerless,' Sylar once again finds himself in control. However, when it comes to a certain geneticist, he finds he may not have as much control as he thought. Lovely development of the Sylar/Mohinder relationship, fraught, tense and schizophrenic as it is. WIP
  • Ripples by levitatethis A touchstone of firsts as Mohinder and Sylar's relationship becomes something more the second time around Beautiful and romantic.

    Shape Shifting powers
  • Bone Deep by Sorrell You know how they say you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family? Well, that's crap. An all involving one shot with fascinating Mohinder/Sylar interaction.
  • Five Times Series by cards slash After Sylar attains the shape-shifting ability he decides to visit Mohinder, a few times. Totally fascinating and  very original method of bringing Sylar and Mohinder together.
  • The Shape of things to come by levitatethis Mohinder knows Sylar is visiting him in the shape-shifted form of his friends Really enjoyable use of Sylar's powers and a wonderful observant, sharp, clever Mohinder with a humdinger of an ending.

    Sylar as Nathan
  • Knocking on the Wrong Door by starrdust411 Written for the prompt Friend in Need. Nicely done and fluffy in a Mylarly way.
  • Shift of conscience by levitatethis Nathan asks Mohinder for help to find out what's wrong with him Post Volume 4 Sylar as Nathan fic with highly intriguing dialogue.
  • Surface Level by anon confused Sylar/Nathan prompt for the Anonymous Kink Meme Sylar's confusion and distress comes through well here.
  • Ties by gaiafaye Matt's mental manipulation of Sylar only holds up for so long. "That's not up to you," Sylar promises, and then he whispers, his voice affectionate and assuring and horrible, "You will be so perfect once I fix you." Intense interaction between a powerful newly restored Sylar and a confused, angry and snarky Mohinder fighting Sylar's convictions that the two are them are connected and destined to be together.

    Time Travel
  • Fast forward Rewind by Aurilly This is a Mohinder-centric story that will feature many of the characters on the show, too many to list. Starts a couple of days after Powerless. Sort of. Fascinating exploration of the Suresh family pre Mohinder's birth with interesting Mohinder and Adam interaction and somewhat tense but amusing Sylar and Molly interaction in the present as they wait for Mohinder to return.
  • Prisoner of Today by levitatethis Sylar acquires an ability he cannot control and tries to make the most of it before it becomes too much. 'Wonderful Groundhog day' scenario with intense and passionate Mohinder/Sylar interaction with lashings of angst of course!
  • The Dreams of a Boys by cards slash (linked to her Master fic list as there are no links between each chapter) Peter still dreams of possibilities, of how things could have been, of how they should have been. When everything ends in death, Gabriel Gray is their last chance: if they can save him, they can save their future. Together, Mohinder and Peter go back to save the watchmaker before he becomes Sylar. Can human nature be changed so easily, or are we powerless against destiny? Absolutely fascinating story. As you read and begin to understand the motivations and needs driving the characters, particularly Mohinder, the characterisation makes sense and the ending is painful in a good way.
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