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Rigging Screws, size1 3/8 inch, galvanised by AJHall. "How's a woman supposed to prove her husband's a murderer, dammit?" On the eve of a planned voyage to Brittany, Marjorie Jameson starts her day with no problems more pressing than forcing a boatyard to do an emergency repair to the family yacht. A chance encounter at the Cowes hi-speed ferry terminal begins to unravel a web of conspiracy and murder, with her charming, untrustworthy husband Julian right at the centre and Marjorie as the next intended victim. But no-one's going to trust the word of an aging housewife whose complaints of abuse the police have previously dismissed as delusions. An highly entertaining and well written case fic  with Sherlock and John seen from an (competent, astute and capable woman) observer's pov. The sailing detail was fascinating. :-)
I've started a Case Fic heading with this, how can I have read and recc'd Sherlock stories and not have a case fic heading!

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Date: 2016-11-20 07:43 am (UTC)
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Hello! *g*

I do like this one, and there's a little bonus ficlet that goes with it. Being a person of several years, I identified with the POV character (although I have nowhere near her knowledge of sailing).

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