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Themed X-files recs.

Themes: AU canon universe, AU non canon, Action and Adventure, Angst, Crossover, Drama, Episode based, Established relationship, Episode based, Ghost story, Humour, Issues of consent, Krycek betrays consortium, M/K from an other POV, mind wiped / amnesic Mulder, non M/K, PWP, Post colonisation, Relationship focused, Road trip, Romantic, Season 2 Krycek, Season 8/9 alternate, Series, What if? (some stories might be in more than one category)

Last update: 22.04.10. Check Recent Entries for latest stories.

AU - canon universe
  • Enemy Friend byLadonna King is an AU of Season 6, Krycek free, episode Triangle. 'Krycek in Nazi uniform 'interrogating' Mulder' yummy!
  • Erase and Rewind by Mort a back to the future type story that replays the episode Sleepless.
  • In New Years Eve,1990 by Yanthee Mulder and Krycek meet for the first time, an interesting and alternative view of these two men.
  • Perfect partners by Megaera, a terrorist released a virus that changes human DNA and binds Mulder and Krycek closer than handcuffs is a story that could have done with a sequel, but isn't going to get one!
  • The Truth series by Viridian where everyone Mulder trusts is actually working against him and lying to him, except of course the man he least trusts is a really enjoyable read.
    Truth 2; And nothing but...
    Truth 3; Out There
    Truth 4: Bliss
    Truth 5: Stranger than fiction and
    A Little Truth: Quick and Efficient Dispatching

    AU - non canon universe
  • Dragon Dreams Part 2 by Mort is an AU fantasy and so unlike Mort's normal style, which is often very dark and bleak, that I had to double check the author! This is written in a world that readers of certain Dragon orientated universe will recognise immediately.
  • Egg and its sequel The Goddess of Small Things by Deborah are both fantasy AUs, bizarre, funny, occasionally angsty and almost possible to believe happening in the strange universe called the X-Files.
  • Life From the Ashes -prequel. by Jo B (Go to her story page via her name link for each part) a very long AU. It contains a number of things I normally avoid like the plague such as male pregnancy and M/K/Sk, and really should have been finished some time back, but despite its many flaws and OTT purple prose I'm fascinated by it! Shakes head in despair at herself
  • The Alex Krycek Affair by Rose Campion is an AU inspired by the film the The Thomas Crown Affair with. Alex Krycek as the venture capitalist and gentleman art thief, Fox Mulder as the hotshot insurance investigator and John Doggett as the tough talking NYPD detective. I've not seen the film, but this is a highly enjoyable AU M/K story.
  • The Mummy by Czara and Megaera taps into my love of Egyptology, and Daniel Jackson from Stargate. Here though, Mulder is the archaeologist and Krycek his 'ancient' lover. It is full of purple prose and far too many 'beautiful man, pretty man etc., so I suppose it's yet another guilty pleasure. :-
  • Too late for sorry and its sequel Two Princes one crown by JamieWilsen is a fun - and highly unlikely - fantasy AU set in the middle ages.

    Action and Adventure Relationship focused
  • Breathless, Part 2 by Ladonna King is sublime, read it and believe that these two men could love each other despite the mistrust.
  • Chemistry and Echo Lane by Louise Wu are just wonderful.
  • Facts Not In Evidence by Flutesong Adventures and a hard won relationship - plot, plot and more plot, then sex Another beautifully written and enjoyable story by Flutesong. What would we M/K lovers do without her?
  • Guardian by Sugar Rush. A fascinating start that settles down into a tale of betrayal and deception, but manages a slightly 'shaky' romance as well.
  • It's probably me by David S. 'You're not going to...kiss me again, are you?' I finally say, breaking the silence. 'You've got a one track mind, Mulder,' he says, getting off me. And the dialogue gets more delicious and the action interesting as this delightful story goes along.
  • Kill or Cure 1.Stroke of Luck, 2.Dogs of War and 3.Games of Kings byHth An interesting and fascinating tale of the elusive Krycek and his uncertain allegiances. What is for sure is that Krycek lusts after Mulder, even loves him, and Mulder reciprocates, but Krycek can't let Mulder trust him or get involved with him. This twists and turns all over the place.
  • No Resolution Series by quercus Mulder and Scully investigate an abduction near Washington, DC. Fascinating series that makes good use of Scully and Skinner as well as depicting a M/K relationship.
  • Photographic memory by Morgan Peterson is a M/K with a difference. Part flashback, part present, it's an intriguing story with a nice little twist.
  • Responsibility by Sleeps with Coyotes has a great use of Samantha Mulder.
  • I first read Spalniy vagon (Sleeper) by Brenda in the zine Double Exposure. It's clever, fascinating and well written with Brenda's typical pared to the bone description that some how provides everything you need to know.
  • Split Second Decision by Flutesong Adventures and a hard won relationships I think I've recc'd almost everyone of Flutesong's beautifully written stories and this one is yet another pleasure to read, plus it's really hot! *g*
  • The Gift of an Enemy by Sylvia I have as a zine, but it's also on her web site with the front cover. Well worth a read, and great development of the Mulder/Krycek relationship.

  • A Boy and his Rat by C. M. Decarnin which is in 16 unlinked parts! Go to her page to get all the links. It's a fascinating story, but terribly angsty and violent in parts. In many ways I like the Krycek she draws, although it is her Mulder that I am drawn to the most.
  • Descent by Rushlight is a brief encounter between the pair of them that leaves Krycek thinking over better times and wondering if Mulder will ever forgive him his betrayal of trust.
  • Fragments in Red and Black by crimsonsenya. Six vignettes inspired by a M/K blend called Hold On by Griva. Hard hitting, angsty and painful, but very well written.
  • If It Ain't Brokeback, Don't Fix It by Goddess Michele is a kind of spoiler, but not, of the film. It's angsty and sad, but it seems so very in character for Mulder to be like this.
  • Lazarus and the Bogeyman by Kelly Keil. Being with him was like trying to date a shark. Bloody and painful and exhilarating Twisted, furious, violent, sexy. M/K through the series.

  • China by Torch is a highly enjoyable Mulder/Methos story.
  • Future winnings by Ecolea gen. There are five stories in this XF/ST Voyager crossover where Mulder is found by the crew in cryogenic sleep (hence the ability to deal with the huge time difference between these two shows). I'm not a Voyager fan, but this series is wonderfully Muldercentric , uses Mulder's profiling skills and is just fascinating. Read it. Linked to author's page, as Gossamer seems to change their links frequently.
  • Good People by Cherusha an X-Files/Torchwood crossover. Mulder meets the the 'Little Black Dress' of Torchwood fame. Fun and silly.
  • In the dead of winter by Jane Lumley is a Mulder at Oxford story. It's Mulder/ofc and it also has Inspector Morse in it, so you could say it is a crossover. What is fascinating is not so much Mulder's relationship with this beautiful older woman, who also happens to be his tutor, but the suggestions that Jane Lumley makes for why Mulder is how he is.
  • Loyalties by Brenda Antrim writing as Glacis is an oldie but goodie. It's a Stargate/X-Files crossover that manages to merge the two, very different, mythologies reasonably well and provide a good story in doing so. I read it initially for it's Stargate content, but was fascinated by the Mulder and Krycek Brenda presented. I'd always loved Mulder, but it was this story that made me see the Mulder/Krycek dynamic.
  • Mission: Jaws of the Jaguar by Scribe is a X-Files/Mission Impossible xover linking Ethan Hunt with Mulder. Somehow it works, and works quite well.
  • Stealing a moment by Brenda is a X-Files/Once a Thief crossover. I know nothing about OaT, but I loved what this says about Mulder's fascination with Krycek and vice a versa.
  • The Rapture by Wombat A very long and very intriguing X-files/Highlander crossover with Mulder/Methos as the main pairing, but a lot else going on as well, plus Ratboy makes a very enjoyable appearance.
  • The Unrecognised X-file by Sebastian is, of all things, a Mary Poppins/X-Files crossover, and it works! We also have the pleasure of Mulder and Krycek, although I admit to find the sex scenes the least convincing aspect of this story, or perhaps it's the language and sentiment expressed in the scenes that I don't quite buy. Nevertheless I found it a very delightful and often funny read, mainly I think because the whole thing is written in a 'serious' and highly clever manner.
  • Vermin by Isagel Heroes/X-Files If you climb down into the sewers, be prepared to meet the rats. This WIP is fascinating with wonderful characterisation. The pairings are M/K, of course, and Sylar/Mohinder.

  • Second Grace by Logan has been taken off line unfortunately, but Agent with style has it for sale as a zine. Shelba, a friend of Logan's and normally a MSR writer! wrote a birthday story for him in the Second Grace Universe called Moonlight. and Memory. It is as lovely and as painfully beautiful as Second Grace.
  • Surprise Surprise by Flutesong. Mulder and Krycek have more in common than they know. Another of Flutesong's beautifully written pieces.
  • The End of the Cold War by Kadru. A long, slow and finally romantic piece. Krycek comes in from the cold.
  • The Long and Winding Road by Kassandra is one of those rare things, a male pregnancy/baby fic that is good, and believable within the context of the X-Files universe. Part 2 and Missing scene.

    Episode Based
  • Enemy Friend by Ladonna King is an AU of Season 6, Krycek free, episode Triangle
  • Erase and Rewind by Mort is a back to the future type story that replays the episode Sleepless.

    Established relationship
  • Folie by Ursula is a story written from a challenge. It's clever, different and works very well.
  • Hijack by Draig Mulder's life is threatened, and his lover reacts very badly, and very effectively, to counteract the threat.
  • Out of the Darkness by Lexi Krycek A very different M/K with a very good Scully involvement. I've never been too fond of stories that imply that Krycek was abused and used from childhood by the consortium, but this one is different. The wonderful love between Fox and Alex is beautiful to read, especially since we see it through Scully's disbelieving eyes.
  • Things to do in Denver and its sequel Tasting Colorado by moco are good 'clean' M/K fun. type of stories *g*

    Ghost Stories
  • C. M. Decarnin wrote a four part ghost story that has a real high feel good factor.
  • Haunted by Marcia Elena is a very different type of ghost story, and damn clever. I love the covers to her stories as well.

  • Driving Alex Crazy by Sebastian and Dr Ruthless with assistance from Niffusa and Shadowfox. I love this, a lesson in not teasing a 'psychopathically jealous' lover beyond a certain point. Dr Ruthless’s other stories are well worth a look through.
  • 5 times Alex Krycek denied his crush on Mulder. And one time he didn't by andrea deer Okay, I think Krycek's crush is soooooo obvious that I had a great laugh writing about others also thinking so :) Fun!
  • Grouchings of a Grognard G-man by Marcia Elena is delightfully amusing.
  • Inca Gold by Spike. Kinky and funny!
  • Sure, Fine, Whatever by Frankie, Niffusa and Dr Ruthless. Fox and Alex go for couples counselling! Very funny a great deal of the time.
  • The Spy who came down with a cold by Jane Symons is funny, clever and, following in the steps of the series, bizarre and puzzling.
  • Wedding of the Year by Ruthless and Relentless is howlingly funny.

    Issues of consent
  • Anonymity by Lush Virtues has Krycek trying a very different way of getting Mulder to want him. I don't quite know why I like this piece, but I just do.
  • Extreme Measures by Sagittarius325 is interesting. The Consortium decide to destroy Mulder by removing his memories. They then give him into the keeping of someone who has obsessed over him for years. How 'Fox', as opposed to Mulder, copes with his lack of memory and apparent status as a very much desired and wanted 'possession' makes for fascinating reading. Krycek appears midway, and I very much enjoyed his reaction to 'Fox' and his thoughts on what it is about the complete Fox Mulder that makes him so desirable. This is in ten, unlinked, parts. To make it easier to read, here are the rest. Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
  • In Deep by Sagittarius. A possible meet up during the episode Deep Throat, and my favourite kind of Rat, the manipulative one who gets his Mulder, in one way or another. *g
  • One Night by Anne Zo is a Krycek surprises Mulder in a dark alley type story. Actually, Mulder surprises Krycek, but the tables are turned. There are certainly issues of consent. Krycek sets out to seduce and does so, in his own inimitable manner.
  • Secret by Kitty Fisher. This appears to be the only X-File story Kitty's written. It's dark and bleak, like many of her The Professionals stories, violent and non consensual at first, but she takes Mulder and Krycek beyond that to a kind of strange understanding. Different, and worth a read if you can cope with the above.
  • Signing Bonus by Sub Rosa is cruel, but compelling. It won the Silver Sutures 2003 best M/K slash award.
    Falling into His Eyes: The Rescue by Kinkygrrl has Krycek rescuing Mulder from torture to find out exactly what he knows, but finds himself acting against his own interests.
  • The Quality of Mercy by Mairead Triste is, in the author's own words, 'An exceedingly warped love story, in a sorta-kinda way'. Warped it is, ratboy is evil and obsessed with Mulder, yet, despite the sheer 'brutality' of the piece, listening in on Krycek's thought processes is a bizarre and often humorous experience.
  • The Rape by moco is a very clever, dark, bleak and brutal with no happy ending, but it succeeds in somehow connecting Mulder and Krycek, and in making them understand little more about themselves and each other.

    Krycek 'betrays' the consortium
  • All Right by Flutesong is more than All Right, it is magic. A story all seen from Krycek's POV as he goes to Mulder to give him information and the gift of his death. Not a death fic, and well worth a read.
  • Homecoming by Brenda I read in the zine eXposure and enjoyed.
  • How to throw a Curve Ball by Courtney Grey is wonderful angsty, fascinating, sexy M/K. Part 2
  • Shock the Monkey by Kassandra (link takes you to her page on Gossamer) has Krycek coming back home to die and to give Mulder sufficient information to bring down the consortium. Suffice it to say he doesn't die. This is written as a diary, and is surprisingly funny at times. I love this sentence. 'Get him to trust you, they told me, and even now I have to wonder what the fuck they were smoking besides Morleys.' It sums up the feel of the whole piece.
  • To Us by Candace. This is a fascinating and original look at Mulder and Krycek becoming true working partners and overcoming immense difficulties to combat CSM's devious plans. It is pre slash and the true affection and then love that develops between Mulder and, a very different, Krycek is a real pleasure to read..

    M/K from an other's perspective
  • Dear Mr Mulder by Wombat is just plain funny. An amusing look at Mulder's life from the perspective of one of the tenants in his apartment block.
  • Tight Squeeze by Flutesong is a look at Mulder and Krycek from another agent's perspective and is very different. I like her writing, she uses a variety of styles, some more successfully than others, and her writing is intense and deep.
  • Watched by L C Sulla. I recently reread this and remembered thinking the first time that this was rather clever.

    Mind wiped / amnesic Mulder
  • Alex by LittleSammy When Fox Mulder loses his memory, Krycek is sent to investigate if he may be faking it. He gets more than he bargained for, though. Intriguing story that has a number of layers of deceit and deception yet manages a shaky 'romance' for 'Fox and Alex' for a brief time.
  • Extreme Measures by Sagittarius325 is interesting. The Consortium decide to destroy Mulder by removing his memories. They then give him into the keeping of someone who has obsessed over him for years. How 'Fox', as opposed to Mulder, copes with his lack of memory and apparent status as a very much desired and wanted 'possession' makes for fascinating reading. Krycek appears midway, and I very much enjoyed his reaction to 'Fox' and his thoughts on what it is about the complete Fox Mulder that makes him so desirable. This is in ten, unlinked, parts. To make it easier to read, here are the rest. Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
  • Forgetful by KMS. Mulder is mind wiped. Krycek is of course involved, CSM is to blame, and Scully is searching desperately for him. A fascinating story that ends how it had to end, but nevertheless makes me want to weep (not in anyone's death I hasten to add).

    Non M/K
  • Jake and Fox join the club by Windsinger. This is a mix of MSR, slash and het. I think its appeal to me is the Mulder Windsinger depicts. Deeply traumatised b what he is going through, but oh so Mulder like in many ways. Fascinating, and I have always been partially to Mulder being the object of a number of people's fantasies. This has has some very dark moments briefly described and seldom depicted other than in Mulder's deep pain and revulsion to them. It is a very cleverly written and compelling story. And because, too my frustration, it is not linked here are the links to each part! Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. You can also go to her page on gossamer and hunt for the parts.
  • Jeylan usually writes MSR and her first slash was a brief M/K conversation in The Real Truth and then in Deep Play a M/OMC, and it was brilliant.
  • Wind River by Cathleen Faye. A serial killer, a small town with secrets, and sexual cravings. This is a Mulder/other, and is the author's only slash fic, she normally writes MSR.

    PWP ok, some plot but the main aim is for hot M/K! :-)
  • A Helping Hand by Sagittarius is a clever little PWP that avoids being cliche and obvious.
  • A Rose by any other name by Satina is very hot! While you're there, check out the rest of her stories and enjoy.
  • Alley Trap by AnneZo finds our 'heroes' trapped in an alley and predictably fighting. Read it to see how Krycek manages to link sex, Mulder and a bowl of crushed blueberries. :-) The sequel is Blueberry Season
  • Affirmations by Viridian is just delicious, violence, passion and sex in one explosive story. Do read the full list of The Affirmations for Personal Growth. Hysterical.
  • Barefoot by Meri Lomelindi finds Mulder and Krycek stuck and sniping at each other as some acidic ooze threatens to dissolve them. Romance, of course, ensues!
  • Cupidity by Ratadder is a bit of fluff, and fun with it.
  • Show Me by dark havens It’s been a while. A very hot close encounter of the M/K kind.
  • Slumber Party by Viridian (with Te) is unbelievable, but oh so fun.
  • The Paradox Club by Cody Nelson is hot and sexy.

    Post Colonisation
  • Amaranthine by Marcia Elena is a sharp and painful post colonisation story.
  • By my side by Shannon Kizzia It's the end. Mulder and Krycek partner up once again to fight it together. Pre/Post colonisation story that develops slowly and then runs with an exciting plot and a lot of tension plus some wonderful M/K interaction.
  • Changes by Courtney Grey The only constant is change. An AU Holiday story with UST and the promise of RST. Beautifully written view of the M/K relationship from Krycek's pov.
  • Russian Roulette by extraonions Post colonisation fic. Sparse tense prose with a clever ending, and hope.
  • Sufficiency by Flutesong Adventures and a hard won relationship A highly enjoyable M/K post colonisation fic with a twist.
  • The Tale of One Bad Rat by Mort. A witty and interesting post colonisation tale from Krycek's pov.
  • World's Childby Xanthe is a post colonisation story that has won numerous awards. It is subtle M/Sk, but don't let that put you off. The story is written from William, Mulder and Scully's son, POV and is, quite honestly, superb story telling.

    Relationship focused
  • A dark and stormy night by Imp and it's follow ups A grey and misty morning, A shadow in the sunshine and A calm before the storm cover every emotion possible. A bitter sweet quartet, but good.
  • Conventional Thinking by Flutesong A half a loaf is better than none An intriguing glimpse of periods in Mulder and Krycek's lives when they meet up to exchange information and to have sex. The slow change in their relationship from sexual desire to something approaching love and respect is beautiful to read.
  • Elliptical Orbits by Flutesong is fascinating first time for Mulder and Krycek. It is a first menacing ,then develops into something almost romantic.
  • Game set and match by Teand has Mulder and Krycek starting again, possibly. Nicely done 'relationship' story.
  • History by Sage Fyre 'I wanted to write a story where Agent Mulder and Agent Krycek were lovers, but every episode/interaction between them thereafter stays true to canon (up until a certain point when it will have to take its own course.' An interesting depiction of Mulder and Krycek's relationship through the series. WIP
  • Mad Dogs Trilogy or here by Sleeps with Coyotes shows mad, bad, dangerous and tortured Krycek redeemed by Mulder's love for him.
  • Scars by Griva consists of three parts Scars, Dependency, Healing and a prequel Ab Initio. It's a fascinating and very well written exploration of Mulder and Krycek's relationship post Requiem from Krycek's POV.
  • Shades of Grey by Ladyluck. The exchange of information becomes more regular and the meals longer as Mulder and Krycek finally work out what they want from each other.
  • The Same Everywhere by Jane Mortimer gets my vote for most enjoyable use of an alien in an M/K story! The sequel is bittersweet.
  • Undone by Mik is a brief look inside the M/K relationship.

    Road Trip
  • Addiction by Viridian The road trip from Hell is highly enjoyable and clever, I enjoy the reversal of the whole trip in Turnabout 1 Krycek finds out that being completely in Mulder's power isn't all that bad. and Turnabout 2: Perfect Kiss as well as the fascinating AU that sprang from it. A Turnabout Detour: A Wildcard and Turnabout Detour2: Wild Life
  • Aporia by Kest is different. She describes it as a Millennium story with UST but no RST!
  • Road Trip, Strange Bliss and Waking up in Pittsburgh by Keiko Kirin are sort of, but not quite linked.
  • Send the Sun by flutesong Just when you decide to retreat from the world. First a road trip and then a partnership and Part 2 is promised.
  • Sleep and Tackle by Zoe Takashi and Loren Q is a road trip fic. Loren normally writes evil Krycek, not that I mind, but she tends to have him debase Mulder in some way, which I DO mind. This doesn't happen in this fic, and I enjoy the way they develop the relationship between the two of them.
  • The Closure Mantra by Shannon Kizzia is a Mulder and Scully friendship piece and of course M/K as well, but just read how it happens! Shannon writes MSR, M/Sc/K and M/K (her favourite I think). The M/K is hot, and while I'm not a real fan of threesomes, so are they. All stories are at the link given.

    Romantic (yep, it is possible :)
  • Aries has written one of my guilty pleasures, Private Dancer and its sequel One night Only. Her M/K is romantic, and I'm not always certain that I buy it, but it's well written, and enjoyable so I read anyway!
  • Hope by Jami Wilsen is warm and lovely.
  • Missing Pieces by Courtney Gray. An alternate life after the Secret War. A thoroughly enjoyable, romantic, feel good story.
  • Soul kiss by Griva is a lovely little drabble. and here is her site with the the gorgeous 'front cover'.
  • The End of the Road by Courtney Grey It's winter and it's cold, and Krycek gets a visit that changes his life. Warm and lovely.
  • The Travellerby Raietta. This makes me cry it is so beautiful and sad.
  • The View from Three Foot Five by Courtney Grey Schmoop from a pint-sized perspective. Schmoop it maybe, but it’s warm and delightful as well.

    Season 2 Krycek
  • Almost the real thing by Ruthless is a bittersweet first time in the early more 'innocent' days of the Mulder/Krycek partnership.
  • Bittersweet by gonattsaga Alex tries to cope with a new situation. A season 2 M/K as seen through Krycek's eyes. Nicely done and intriguing with the knowledge of Krycek's ultimate betrayal of Mulder making this contemplation, as the title says, bittersweet.
  • In a Dark Time by A. Leigh-Anne Childe is a superb piece of writing. Based in Season two when Alex Krycek appears on the scene. Blistering M/K interaction, a truly wonderful Mulder, and an Alex Krycek who struggles not to fall for his mark.

    Season 8/9 Alternates/Post FBI
  • And A Child Shall Lead by Courtney Grey First posted to the Alex Krycek's 12 Days of Xmas online zine. Poignant and slightly melancholic story, but with a side of hope for the future in the wings.
  • Approaching Concinnity by Verily is a pre colonization story that splits from canon right after Mulder gets exhumed. Mulder and Krycek begin to fight the future, with a little help from a few friends. This is a long, six part fairly angsty story and is an excellent read. Irritatingly there is no link to each part so just add a 2 in the web addy to get part two etc. or, more sensibly, read it here! Twelve months in Arizona is the follow up.
  • Indignant Desert Birds by Wirrrn. Hiding from everyone, Scully included, Mulder's taken refuge in the Antarctica working on a base checking out the scientists. He may have eluded Scully et al, but he seems not to have eluded someone he thought dead. A fascinating M/K tale that is strange, witty, different and very sexy. I loved all the seal factoids.
  • Let Them Have It How They Will by Flutesong The usual good writing and long, involved and fascinating story with a wonderfully described developing relationship between Mulder and Krycek.
  • Nowhere Man by Flutesong Inspired by JIM's Houseboat Variations If I remember correctly, the rules were that it had to at least 5 years after it all ended and take place on a houseboat. Lovely lyrical piece.
  • Old Habits Die Hard by Flutesong A Partnership is born A very enjoyable view of Mulder invading Krycek's life when Krycek had all but given up and resigned himself to a half life.
  • Out of Habit by kcstories Mulder is on the run, and Krycek is not as dead as he should be. Seen from Mulder's pov.
  • Seconds by Tiramisu. What really happened during the eighth season! An intriguing read.
  • Star Gazing by Flutesong Adventures and a hard won relationship An enjoyable coming together of Mulder and Krycek while fighting the the end of the Consortium and the end of the threat to humanity. This is very much told to us with an almost omnipresence pov, yet works well.
  • The Waking by Sleeps With Coyotes Alex learns a few things while Mulder's away Interesting and enjoyable with nice use of the Lone Gunmen.
  • Touch My Mind by Jami Wilson is beautiful. I've just rediscovered it and wallowed in the sheer pleasure of glorious M/K. Mulder has left Scully, the baby and the FBI and hidden himself away in Nova Scotia. Krycek, determined to make his peace with Mulder, finds him. After a great deal of pain, bitterness and angst they begin to understand and forgive each other. The characterisation is wonderful for both men, and I can't recommend this story enough. Read it, and forget the miseries of Season 8 and 9.
  • Unbreakable by Alea Rose Mulder feels broken and useless after his resurrection. Can Krycek revive his quest a second time? Angsty story that develops very enjoyably.

  • Blue Series by Annie Zo is highly enjoyable five part series:
    A Blue Sea
    Once in Blue Waters
    Under a Blue Light
    A Long Blue Night
    Blue Sky
  • Departure by Imajiru is almost a four part PWP, but really it is much more than that (link is to website). It starts off as a very heavy confrontation between Mulder and Krycek, with Krycek having the upper hand. The slow cessation of hostilities between them makes for an intriguing read, and the eventual discovery of the relationship by Scully renders it gripping. I really enjoyed all four parts, but Departure3 is absolutely fantastic. It's as romantic as hell, sexy as hell, angsty as hell, shows Scully in a wonderful light yet manages to remain just short of being too sugary for consumption. A wonderful series. Go and read Quicksand as well.
  • No Resolution Series by quercus Mulder and Scully investigate an abduction near Washington, DC. Fascinating, albeit somewhat bewildering, series that makes good use of Scully and Skinner as well as depicting a M/K relationship.
  • The Animal I Wanted by ladyluck is a long, angsty, but wonderful read. It twists and turns along the way in numerous directions, and occasionally had me tearing up, then next laughing or wincing. Ultimately satisfying and tender, this is well worth the investment of time required to read it.
  • The Poetic Series by Scribe. Each story is based around a poem and follows the developing relationship of Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek, and is a pleasure to read.
  • The North West Passage by Torch is wonderful writing, full of angst, passion, action, adventure and even a hint of romance. Superb story telling. It is also called Ghosts and Lovers series:
    Ghosts I thru II
    Ghosts III thru IV and vinegette
    Lovers I thru III
    Lovers IV thru VI
  • The Tapestry Series by Amirin or here is a the story of a long, slow and wonderful seduction of Mulder by Krycek. Scully's dead, and Mulder is suicidal. Krycek makes it his mission to save him.

    What if?
  • Demon Poetry by Sugar Rush Basically, what if Mulder and Krycek had met when Mulder was still at Oxford?? So they're still our favorite gorgeous guys, only...younger, juicier, and in Mulder's case, a lot more innocent... Highly enjoyable.
  • Fantasy Man by Sugar Rush. Krycek takes a break on Fantasy Island and imagines what would have happened had he not betrayed Mulder. This is almost a 'be careful what you wish' for type of story, but Krycek gets a second chance.
  • Impossible by Courtney Grey What if you slept? And what if, In your sleep You dreamed? A beautiful what if story.
  • Kiss Your Past Goodnight by andrea deer Fluff. Some swearing. Fluff. Regression hypnosis. Past lives, karma and other things like that. A very original and intriguing take on the M/K relationship (through time!).
  • Rooms by Siberian Skys is a very enjoyable 'what if?'.
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