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2017-09-03 05:10 pm

Evidence of Human Life by thesardine

Evidence of Human Life by thesardine Sherlock's sanity deteriorates while he and John are stranded on a deserted island. A fascinating description of Sherlock's mind being unable to cope with with the utter isolation and how John helps to keep him, just about, from going insane.
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2017-09-03 05:02 pm

Northwest Passage by Kryptaria

Northwest Passage by Kryptaria Seven years ago, Captain John Watson of the Canadian Forces Medical Service withdrew from society, seeking a simple, isolated life in the distant northern wilderness of Canada. Though he survives from one day to the next, he doesn't truly live until someone from his dark past calls in a favor and turns his world upside-down with the introduction of Sherlock Holmes. I went to recommend this elsewhere and discovered that I hadn't added to the rec list! It's an excellent read and a great character study of both men. In fact Alicat's review, quoted under the summary on A03, sums it up beautifully - "The essentials of their relationship distilled through solitude."

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2017-08-24 08:25 am

You Have 487 New Messages (Or, In Which Sherlock Holmes Starts a Grouptext) by JenTheSweetie

You Have 487 New Messages (Or In Which Sherlock Holmes Starts A Grouptext by JenTheSweetie MH: Please remove me from this thread.This was one of those fics that leaves you grinning with delight and wishing that it hadn't just ended.

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2017-08-15 05:32 pm

The Letter in the Wall by maskedfangirl.

The Letter in the Wall by maskedfangirl. When the contractors open the bathroom wall, there's a package wedged between the pipes, addressed to Mrs. Hudson and dated 1888. The letter within reads as follows... I remember being very impressed with this the first time I read it, it's a very clever crossover with Dr Who canon/mythology.
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2017-08-15 04:28 pm

Lead me to the Truth by lavellington

Lead me to the truth by Lavellington John didn’t mind following two steps behind: two steps behind Sherlock was still miles ahead of everyone else. I'd describe this as a quiet, reflective and delightful story with great characterisation of John, a very different take on Harry and some wonderful humour, try this sentence for size. Since he had met Sherlock, John had come to a lot of startling realisations about his flatmate and himself. These realisations ranged from “This man is completely insane,” and “He’s right- I need the danger,” to “I will never have a girlfriend again,” and “The skull is in the bread bin.”
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2017-08-13 04:00 pm

The Madness of Angels by ayalesca

The Madness of Angels by ayalesca  Urban fantasy AU. In which John Watson is a war sorcerer recently invalided home from Afghanistan. In London he meets Sherlock Holmes, the world’s most irritating urban sorcerer and only consulting detective. There, John finds himself and Sherlock suddenly under attack by a mysterious and malevolent power—and drawn into a mystery that may tear London apart. A fusion with the Matthew Swift series by Kate Griffin, but no prior knowledge is needed. I read this some years back and had a sudden desire to read it again. A03 have it under deleted works and this link is via the wayback archive, a reminder, if needed, that once posted works tend to take on a life of their own! I very much enjoyed it, it's well written and absolutely fascinating.
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2017-07-02 05:27 pm

Galatea by one_windiga

Galatea by one_windiga "The package arrived late on a Monday morning, tall and heavy and worn-wrinkled beige. It had import stamps from ports of call that Mrs. Hudson’s never even heard of, but since Sherlock was off running around London, she didn’t make a point of it." John is a doll that Sherlock orders from a company online. I've read this a number of times yet failed to rec it before, this is a fascinating, strange yet decidedly uplifting read.

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2017-05-31 08:16 am

Mental by Boeshane42

Mental by Boeshane42 Sherlock Holmes is a patient in a closed psychiatric ward. John Watson is his new psychiatrist. A thoroughly fascinating and clever AU first meeting that blends seamlessly with canon. The characterisations are excellent, plus we have a BAMF! John. :-) My favourite line has to be... John mentally crosses out 'autism' and 'antisocial disorder' from the area of his mind reserved for figuring Sherlock out and replaces them with a big 'twat' in flashing letters.
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2017-05-17 08:44 am

The Magic of Deduction by writingispurdy

The Magic of Deduction by writingispurdy John Watson spends seven years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he meets the boy who will become the greatest man he'll ever know. A wonderful mixture of the Harry Potter world with the Sherlock characters predominant. Sherlock and John are very much in character and Sherlock canon is cleverly woven into the stories. A delightful read.
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2017-05-16 02:14 pm

The Case of the Unwelcome Owl by FayJAy

The Case of the Unwelcome Owl by FayJay "So," said John, feeling out of his depth once again. "An owl." It was the same mild, politely curious tone of voice with which he had previously found himself uttering such things as: "So – three bags of frozen AB negative," and "So – a selection of human ears." "Goodness, John, with deductive prowess like that you'll soon be putting me in the shade," Sherlock said tartly. "Can't sneak anything past you, can we?" The dialogue is fantastic, the snark off the scale and John's conversation with Luna is to die for. Brilliant.
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2017-05-05 08:15 am

Sher Trek Pilot Miniseries by Caresa Toland

Sher Trek Pilot Miniseries by Caresa Toland Written for the Sherlock TV Fusion Miniseries.  A Star Trek; The original series fusion starring Captain John H Watson and First Officer Sh'lok and the rest of the Sherlock cast. :-) There are 3 'episodes' at present, beautifully written and presented, highly entertaining and very much in character, do go and read.
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2017-04-17 03:54 pm

The Poster Girl by stardust made

The Poster Girl by stardust made (or on AO3). A seemingly straightforward case has Lestrade calling for Sherlock's help. Written from John's POV, this story takes place two months after the events in "The Great Game" and follows the investigation of the murder of Veronica Havisham: seventeen, popular—and murdered in Hainault Forrest on a Friday night in June. A very well written and entertaining case fic with excellent characterisations for the main players as well as some very well rounded OCs, I was particularly fond of George Havisham. This is a gen fic with perhaps a hint of UST that delightfully explores the relationship between Sherlock and John yet never at the expense of the plot. A very good read. (Gen)
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2017-03-21 12:08 pm

The theory of narrative causality by falling voices

The theory of narrative causality by falling voices written for this prompt: Sherlock and John are BNFs in Sherlock Holmes fandom. Together, they fight crime. (Always.) And write porn, incidentally. I had a sudden urge to read this one again and found to my shock that I hadn't recc'd it! This is an amazing and superbly presented story done by using LJ posts, gmail chats, TV trope articles etc. It's very familiar ground to those of us brought up on LJ and I loved reading it again.
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2016-11-28 10:56 pm

The Green Blade by verityburns

I'm having a run on reading case fics.

The Green Blade by verityburns As a serial killer hits the headlines, the police are out of their depth and the next victim is out of time. With faith in Sherlock Holmes at an all time low, this is a case which will push loyalties to the limit... An intriguing well plotted case fic with most of the regular characters (Lestrade, Donovan, Mrs Hudson...) heavily involved. The John and Sherlock relationship dynamics are thoroughly explored and beautifully depicted. (Gen fic)
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2016-11-28 08:41 pm

London Orbital by merripestin

A story I really can't believe I've not recc'd before...

London Orbital
by merripestin  "I'm driving first," Sally said. "Guv can take over after me. If we're all still mad enough to be at this after that, John can drive third shift. Then the freak, if we decide we can risk it." "John doesn't drive," said Sherlock. "Then what's John along for?" Sally protested. Which Greg reckoned had to be just Sally trying to wind Sherlock up. She knew better. All night in a car with Sherlock was bad enough. All night driving round and round the M25 looking for a killer, with Sherlock deprived of John Watson, sounded like a new circle of hell. Very clever, very funny and a wonderful observation of John and Sherlock from Greg Lestrade's pov. Also a welcome positive view of Sally Donovan. (Gen)

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2016-11-20 08:11 pm

Rigging Screws, size1 3/8 inch, galvanised by AJHall

Rigging Screws, size1 3/8 inch, galvanised by AJHall. "How's a woman supposed to prove her husband's a murderer, dammit?" On the eve of a planned voyage to Brittany, Marjorie Jameson starts her day with no problems more pressing than forcing a boatyard to do an emergency repair to the family yacht. A chance encounter at the Cowes hi-speed ferry terminal begins to unravel a web of conspiracy and murder, with her charming, untrustworthy husband Julian right at the centre and Marjorie as the next intended victim. But no-one's going to trust the word of an aging housewife whose complaints of abuse the police have previously dismissed as delusions. An highly entertaining and well written case fic  with Sherlock and John seen from an (competent, astute and capable woman) observer's pov. The sailing detail was fascinating. :-)
I've started a Case Fic heading with this, how can I have read and recc'd Sherlock stories and not have a case fic heading!
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2016-11-11 05:27 pm

Feathers Verse by Kryptaria

Good grief, it's been some time since I last posted a rec! I have been going through my A03 bookmarks, deleting some and following up the authors on others to find other good reads. This series makes me smile and is well worth a read.

Feathers Verse by Kryptaria consists of 4 parts. The main story is the first one, On Feathers and Bacon Sandwiches No one has ever stayed with Sherlock longer than a month. At least, no human. Fortunately, John Watson isn't about to let the little things - like biohazardous experiments and the constant threat of danger - get in the way of his friendship with a very special, very brilliant man like Sherlock Holmes. This is amusing, delightful and full of humorous one liners that made me smile throughout. As to the ducks, well who knew. :-)

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2015-06-30 09:55 pm

The Curious Adventure of the Dr Watsons by ShinySherlock

The Curious Adventures of the the Dr Watsons by ShinySherlock What if ACD Watson and BBC Watson switched places . . . “Imposter!” Hands clenching the lapels of John’s coat, Holmes shoved him anew. “Yes!” John agreed, nodding, and then grimacing. “Sort of!” A highly enjoyable read, beautifully written with the courtly behaviour and language of the Victorian era contrasting strongly with the relaxed manners and speech of the present time. Both an adventure and a believable love story.

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2015-03-16 12:13 am

Coventry by Standbygo

Coventry by standbygo A Sherlock/Dollhouse crossover AU. Previous knowledge of Dollhouse not necessary; no spoilers either. An absolutely excellent, highly creative and thrilling read. I enjoyed every minute of it.
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2014-12-21 04:58 pm

The Mystery of Ill Opinions by mundungus42

The Mystery of Ill Opinions by mundungus42 Two Elizabethan actors dream of leaving women's roles behind, and Master Sherlock Holmes agrees to help them find them a playwright to write them roles to rival Marlowe's Tamburlaine. But strange things are afoot in the Holmes household, and Sherlock and John must accomplish this feat while discovering who wants to kill Sherlock and why. A very clever and witty tale of Sherlock and John, along with many other characters, transposed into Elizabethan England. The author makes very clever allusions to many of Shakespeare's plays and even manages to have the playwright himself play a role in the mystery. Well worth a read.