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There is little out there for Ultraviolet, unfortunately.

Last update 29.11.10

  • You Won't Remember This by haldoor Jack/Mike; pre-Kirsty; Jack gets amorous. A tasty snippet that left me wanting more. :-)
  • Eleanorb has written two Michael/Jack stories. Believe Me and Alter Ipse Amicus.
  • K9 has written what amounts to a PWP called Maybe Tomorrow.
  • Sigrina has written one story called Happy Birthday, Mike
  • Janis Cortese has written two UV stories. One gen involving Pearse called Act of Contrition the other is J/M and is called Arcana Nuda she calls it a 'nasty, gorgeous little PWP'!
  • Temporary Truce by Mareen. Uhm...Jack and Mike are having a temporary truce maybe? Bleak, but interesting.
  • New UV stories - yeah!The Third Nail by Janis Cortese, Mike and Vaughan, an unusual pairing, following on from that fantastic, atmospheric scene in the warehouse.
  • Burning of the Past by Eli, a Jack and Mike encounter, my favourite. Tight, tense and edgy.
  • Carousel by Mary Borsellino is a crossover of UV/BtVs/PofC and, despite what would seem to be the totally incompatible fandoms, is interesting and vaguely disturbing.
  • Never stray never break by Te. Gen. Mike hasn't drunk enough for this. Brief, angsty and intriguing.
  • Cutting Out the Middle Man by Llama. Single men have the saddest weekends. Usually... Pre series, pre Kristy, an intriguing What If?
  • Laylah's site has four great short stories on it. The first has Jack making an, unwelcome, visit to Mike in Visiting Hour. Next we have two linked stories Hostia Immaculata the team is working on a way to permanently neutralize the Code V threat; meanwhile, Jack wants to recruit Mike, (Mike/Jack) and Quare Me Repulisti. the team cleans up after the events of Hostia (Mike/Vaughan). These are sparse well written stories with great characterisation. And finally, a very short ficlet Interference Frances has it together better than Mike realizes. All are well worth reading.
  • Second Chance by jaekayelle. Jack goes for what he wants, damn the consequences. Mike fights back. Dark and painful.
  • Irretio by Elanorb is a short, funny dialogue only challenge story featuring Mike and Jack pre Code V days.
  • Consequences by Llama. The start of what could have been a great series, but never continued. :-(
  • ABCs by Dragonladky Gen. Antecedent, Behaviour, Consequence -- Michael has some decisions to make. A rather clever 'propaganda' fic
  • The Wound Dresser by Lady Erised What Vaughan Rice does now is remembers. He remembered what it was like before the cancer, and before Pearse was in this small white gray room, but Jesus, somehow Vaughan can't believe that it was ever real at all. How could it have been? Short and intriguing story.
  • Lite Pendante by Lady Erised Set a month or so after the miniseries, Pearse learns how to die, while the rest of the team struggle with the doubts and infighting left behind as they struggle to continue a war they no longer believe in. Interesting story which focuses on Pearce but involves all the characters. The sequel is Ab Origine.
  • Half Truths and Near Misses by classics lover Code 5s, Women, not a lot of difference, really - or is there? Short and sweet with Mike in a contemplative mood.
  • Ten Fics written for the 2008 Yuletide Challenge all worth a read.
  • Archive of Our Own has a few UV stories.
  • Casting a Shadow by Beverley Hills Michael Colefield is an ex London policeman and now a member of a secret Vatican sponsored squad dedicated to fighting “Code Vs”, thoroughly modern vampires, who have created a worldwide organisation. He becomes reacquainted with Detective Sergeant John Bolton a hard nosed London cop who is investigating the suspicious death of the daughter of a prominent politician. Colefield and Bolton have to deal with their history and feelings for each other while at the same time navigating the dark and dangerous world of the “Code Vs” This is a crossover with the Bill and is quite fascinating. Part 2 After Michael’s rejection Jack goes hunting for a victim to work off his anger on and Part 3 John Bolton is confused and angry and seeks answers from Michael.

    And here are a few other web sites/archives.
  • Philip Quast a web site devoted to the man who plays Pearce (UV section)
  • Ultraviolet Official Home Page gives information on the four main characters and their actors.
  • Ultraviolet articles and Reviews
  • Elke's UV Ramblings and she has a Livejournal Community for UV Fics wow!
  • Just found a LJ community Mr Davenport Appreciation's Journal
  • Ultraviolet - the TV Series from the BBC h2g2 site a good guide on the series.
  • Jack Davenport Unofficial website

    Hopefully a few more stories might pop up somewhere.
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