Sep. 5th, 2014

alicambs: (Sherlock)
Wartime Allies by shadownashira  Ever since the Pool incident, Moriarty has been strangely inactive. John's world does not revolve around the consulting criminal, and so life goes on. Then a new player tries to take over London, and Jim Moriarty has his own opinion on that. I like this, it's John centric, the dialogue is good and we see John being a capable, compassionate doctor/surgeon as well as treating people he knows are criminals with respect as long as it is reciprocal.

I must add a cavet though as I see this mistake repeated time and time again in Sherlock fics. Surgeons in the UK are addressed as Mr/Mrs/Miss and therefore neither Sherlock's Dr John Watson nor Conan Doyle's original Watson are surgeons, they are both medical doctors.
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