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Playing the Angel by Ariana “It’s 2016,” said Mulder. “Welcome to the future, Krycek. America has a black president, gay people can officially get married, and the Apocalypse is upon us.” He paused. “No connection, though, whatever some people might say.” Following the events in Season 10, Mulder is sick and Scully wants to find William to save him. But when a bewildered Alex Krycek, resurrected nearly fifteen years after his death, seeks them out and claims to have knowledge of their son's whereabouts, they have to decide whether to trust him, while dealing with his murderous past and his complex relationship with Mulder.  This is a WIP at present, an attempt by Ariana to 'fix' the revived X-Files (which I rather enjoyed tbh), by bringing back Alex Krycek. Having not read the X-Files for years, it's a pleasure to be back in the universe. :-)
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